Panzer Tractor T102 1957 Restoration project

Panzer 1957 T102 Restoration in progress. Complete engine rebuild. Engine is not the correct year. It is a 1970 model 2434 10 hp. Rear rims and tires are on it temporary till I get the original ones repaired. About $300.00 in materials so far. $150 of which was in the motor. Still need to buy the rear tires( about $250) I will post more when its complete.

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1960 's Pow'r Pup Power Popular Mechanics Magazine Garden Tractor Build Part 1
Part 1 of the next build.. this one is going through the planning stages. A couple things will get cut off and a couple of things will be modified... but in the end it will be cool! This link will bring you to a Pow'r Pup plan...

Copar Panzer T205 Plowing garden
Copar Panzer 1957 Model T205 plowing a garden with home made sleeve hitch and Brinley 8 inch mold board bottom plow

Home made tractor Slavik
My friend`s home made tractor

Allis Chalmers D17 Tractor Restoration
This is the restoration of my Dad's 1964 D17 Allis Chalmers Tractor. My Dad bought this tractor brand new and has been used over the years for many jobs on the farm. This Tractor has 5100 Hrs on the engine and still to this day has never had any major work done. Created with MAGIX Fotos auf DVD MX