Panzer Tractor T102 1957 Restoration project

Panzer 1957 T102 Restoration in progress. Complete engine rebuild. Engine is not the correct year. It is a 1970 model 2434 10 hp. Rear rims and tires are on it temporary till I get the original ones repaired. About $300.00 in materials so far. $150 of which was in the motor. Still need to buy the rear tires( about $250) I will post more when its complete.

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Barn find 1963 Sears Suburban 725 Tractor
What a barn find. I HAD to take this if i was to get another garden tractor I was buying. It was not running at the time of pick-up. The people just wanted it out of their way. All I did was clean and set the points and clean the carb, then soak all the moving parts with a good penetrating oil. A plow (not pictured) was with the tractor when I picked it up, the push blade was a gift from a neighbor who had no idea what it might fit. I have the starter generator for it, it still has to be mounted.

Panzer Tractors @ Denton,Md Plow Day 2012
Three Panzer tractors participate at the 2012 Spring Denton, Maryland Plow Day. My 1957's models T102 and T205 a friends 1956 model T102 all pulling model 1AC1 10 inch mold board plows. We had a great time. Enjoy.

Sears Suburban Tractor Restoration 11
We're back! This tractor was only a year or two old when Hawaii Five-O debuted, and while it's good to see the Suburban make a comeback, I'm not so sure about the show. Leave it original, I say. Once the orange paint starts flying, this thing will really come together.

1963 Panzer Tractor T70B
My 1963 Panzer tractor model T70B restoration. Used a 8 hp Kohler engine. Used Pontiac Blue engine spray paint. Close to original color, not exact but close. Need to install a new PTO bracket on the left side yet and I have the mower deck to restore also. Runs well. A lot smaller then my big red Panzers, but still a neat piece of history. Check out my other video of this tractor as it looked before the restore.