Top 20 Supercar Sounds - Zonda, 599 GTO, Agera R & more!

Predominantly I filmed this season rather than taking that many pictures. Still I didnt manage to do that great a job, not catching the sound due to a damaged cam mic or just not getting that lucky. Heres my highlight reel of this summer, the order doesnt really matter apart from number 1.

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Yellow LAFERRARI v Skinny Tyres ! Stunning new Laf in London
Stunning new laf

LaFerrari, Mclaren P1 & Porsche 918 v Skinny Tyres ! - The Quest for Fuel
It was the Modball 2015. The Holy Trinity disbanded and the 918 and P1 where left to fend for themselves. With the P1 dangerously low on fuel and battery power, Skinny Tyres was on hand to lead them to a petrol station after some mega traffic that almost saw the p1 breakdown/stop.....

Bugatti Veyron Supersport or Blue Chrome Centenaire
Al Nayhan or Al Thani , whos the Veyron boss?

LAMBORGHINI FIREBREATHER ! Chrome Oakley Design Aventador roaming London.
Millionaire boy racer v star of millionaire boy racers ;)