Zo6 Vette vs 5.3 s10

stuck in 1st... check out "Zo6 vs 5.3 s10 round 1 and 2" for a clean run without hitting the limiter Check out more at http://lsxs10.yolasite.com/

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2013 GTR Black Edition vs Nitrous 5.3 s10
5.3 s10 with cam, bolt-on's and a 150 shot vs Intakes only GTR(Black Edition)

5.3 s10
Check out my LSx s10 at http://lsxs10.yolasite.com/

SRT8 Charger vs. 5.3 s10
Having a little fun in Mexico Visit LSXS10.yolAsite.com

GT500 vs 5.3 s10
mods on the GT500 unknown...i was riding with a 200+lb passenger Check out better runs at http://lsxs10.yolasite.com/