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Maszyna do produkcji elementów do ogrodzeń. Duże możliwości produkcyjne. Solidne wykonanie urządzenia. więcej informacji na:

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Hebo Machines - "The Money Machine 2"
Hebo invented the modern wrought iron machine and is the worldwide leader in this field. The multi-functional Hebo system can: Twist, endforge, scroll, emboss, texture, hammer tube, make baskets, and press belly pickets, and much more. The Hebo system is designed and built by German blacksmiths for the ornamental iron industry. This is the same machinery worldwide parts suppliers use. The Hebo system will bring new levels of production and creativity to the Ornamental Iron Fabricator. Visit our website for your free full length DVD, at or

Ring Project #3 punching & drifting the square bar
Punching and drifting a square bar. Three holes punched and drifted. Two round holes and one square hole on the bias.

Вальцы для гибки металла.mpg
Вальцы для гибки металла, загиб метала, проф листа, трубы, уголка и швеллера.

PALLMANN Plast-Agglomerator principle of operation
The worldwide proven system for the continuous production of free flowing granules from thermoplastics of all kinds. The Plast-Agglomerator, type PFV is available in six different sizes with throughput capacities from 20 to 4000kg/h. Principle of operation: The feed material is fed into the agglomerating chamber by means of a dosing screw. Frictional heat and high pressure, produced between the agglomerating vane and the die, agglomerate the material and press it through the special hole size of the die. The processing temperature is right below the melting point of the corresponding plastic material. The retention time in the agglomerating chamber is only a fraction of a second. Material penetrating the die is cut by rotating knives and conveyed by the cooling air of a fan into the hot-melt granulator where the material is cut to equalsized granules. The hole size of the selected screen installed in the hot-melt granulator determines the size of the granules.