To Kill a Corolla

We decided that this ex demolition derby car still had some life left in it and as we didn't kill it in the derby we thought the paddocks might do the trick...

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destruction of a toyota corolla (part 2)
driving a toyota corolla until it cannot be driven any longer. part 2 of 3

Indestructable Toyotas
I have driven and wheeled a toyota pickup for several years and decided to kill a little time by making a video commemorating just how tough these little 4x4s are. It showcases wheeling, stunts, toyota advertisments and clips from the Top Gear episodes in which they tried unsuccessfully to kill a toyota.

Trying to cold start the 1970 KE11 Corolla... too bad :(
i try to start the corolla at minus 5 outdoor. No success

Toffe Apple with a hint of JDM
For those curious about the title, this is the colour of Grant Scotts KE70. Stance and Looks, these words are not normally used to describe a Corolla Drift car. But if you want to stand out from the hundreds of other $500 Corolla Beaters you need to take these methods of looks and style to give yourself the sort of outcome Grant has achieved with his 198X Ae71 Corolla Drift car. Shot at Queensland Raceway, at a Wednesday morning drift session "Light hearted drifting, with lots of track time" by MeZ Productions keywords: D1GP - tsuchiya - keiichi - keichi - driftking - drift king - video drift - drift video - drift car - turbo drift - drift tuning - drift show - D1 grand prix - d1 gp - orido - kazama - immamura - nomuken - nomura ken - best motoring - option video - hot version - sema show - american touge - tsukuba - fuji - touge - drift - drifting - dorifto - tokyo drift - fast furious tokyo drift - fast and furious tokyo drift - voiture drift - kingdrift - king drift - drift video - JDM - Hatsuno Sugaya - Kazumi Kondo