To Kill a Corolla

We decided that this ex demolition derby car still had some life left in it and as we didn't kill it in the derby we thought the paddocks might do the trick...

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Corolla's last trip
Old Toyota Corolla gets the last sacrament... The car has been abadonded for 5 years, starts in 3 seconds. The vids were taken in a mine, not in public road. Don't try this @ home.

Corolla burnout
decided to put down a couple of k's on the pad. 1978 toyota corolla KE-36 panelvan.

Killing a toyota corolla oil pan emty
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Killing a Corolla - Toyotaa raiskataan
Katottii kuinka kauan toijjoota kestää pikku rääkkiä :D 20-30 min meni kaiken kaikkiaan kunha saatii se ensin käyntiin. Ennenku joku alkaa itkemään että miksi pitää tahallaan rikkoa, niin tämä kyseinen savipeltojen hirmu oli jo menossa paaliin :) We wanted to find out, how long a corolla could survive a little torturing :D After we got the motor running, it took about 20-30 min to get some results. Before anyone starts to whine about "breaking for no good reason", this mudfield beast was already going to be crashed.