The new Rover V8 in my MGB - Starting for the first time

So, after a year or so I have finaly inserted a new V8 in my MGB. This video show the very first (and successful) attempt at starting the new engine. After 7 years on the road, the original engine's block cracked 1 month before I retired and moved to Lyme Regis in July 2007. I've never performed anything major like this before, so this was a big and anxious moment.

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MGB V8 first start and exhaust sound
MGB with a tiger stainless Exhaust system and rover 3.5 V8. Offenhauser inlet manifold, holly 390 cfm 4 barrel carb.

Land Rover 3.5 v8 no exhaust
Land Rover 3.5 v8 engine for in the malahini speedboat. Project still in progress.

Rover V8 3.9 Tuned Engine For Sale Ebay 10,000 miles only - deanoaj
Selling complete package of 10,000 mile tuned and balanced V8, Mallory Dizzy + High Energy Coil, Edelbrock 500CFM Carb, Offenhouser 360 Manifold. Engine removed 8 weeks ago for diesel conversion, competition vehicle, superb power and smooth as can be seen from video. Please see ebay listing for full details - deanoaj

V8 MGB first run,,
First run, cam break in, dont mind the belt squeal.