0-60 Chevy Colorado (Crew Cab) LT 3.7 Inline 5

0-60 Test Enjoy! This is a fun little truck to drive around and feels much faster than it really is. Engine revs up very nicely too :)

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Tuned 08 chevy colorado 3.7L acceleration vid (shift points set too high)
just wait till the 4.10's go in and the temps and humidity drop.... 13's in the 1/4 mile easily! Still need to datalog the wideband.

2009 Chevrolet Colorado 3.7L I5 0-160 Acceleration
Crew cab 4x4 z71 suspension. Mod's include, K&N Cold Air intake, MBRP cat-back Exhaust, Hypertech Max Energy power programmer

How To Fix Fast Turn Signal/Blinker
If anyone has the problem where there blinker clicks on at twice the speed it normally does then you have a common problem. Here's a couple of tips on how to fix it cheaply and easily: Usually, this problem is in an indicator of a burnt out light bulb, which means that some part of your car will not be blinking at all so you should FIX IT NOW because people won't see you switching lanes. The other possibility is an electrical problem usually in the wiring or some relay. This is unlikely, but if you switch out the bad bulb and nothing changes you should send it to a professional unless you are a master electrician. These bulbs are fast, easy, and a super cheap fix for only about $5 bucks!

How To Program Transponder Key: Jeep Grand Cherokee
A quick tutorial video on how to program your new freshly cut transponder keys. In short, you must first buy a transponder key (online). I got mine for $8 bucks off of eBay with free shipping. Then take the original key and the new uncut key to your local key smith and they should be able to cut it for about $4 or $5 dollars. WARNING: Not all stores allow their employees to cut transponder keys or keys that were not bought at their store. If not, just go on to the next store! Okay, now, you are where I am in this video! Follow the instructions in the video or read them here: Full Instructions With Detailed Steps: (1) The first step of course is to acquire a blank transponder key. These can be purchased from your Jeep dealer or bought online. Online prices are usually around $10.00. You can then take the blank key along with one of your original keys to any key maker or locksmith and have it cut to match, just like with any other key. (2) Insert one of the two valid Sentry Keys into the ignition switch and turn the ignition switch to the On position. (3) After the ignition switch has been in the On position for longer than three seconds, but no more than fifteen seconds, cycle the ignition switch back to the Off position. Replace the first valid Sentry Key in the ignition switch lock cylinder with the second valid Sentry Key and turn the ignition switch back to the On position. The second valid Sentry Key must be inserted in the lock cylinder within fifteen seconds of removing the first valid key. (4) About ten seconds after the completion of Step 3, the SKIS indicator in the instrument cluster will start to flash and a single audible chime tone will sound to indicate that the system has entered the Customer Learn programming mode. (5) Within sixty seconds of entering the Customer Learn programming mode, turn the ignition switch to the Off position, replace the valid Sentry Key with a blank Sentry Key transponder, and turn the ignition switch back to the On position. (6) About ten seconds after the completion of Step 5, a single audible chime tone will sound and the SKIS indicator will stop flashing, stay on solid for three seconds, then turn off to indicate that the blank Sentry Key has been successfully programmed. The SKIS will immediately exit the Customer Learn programming mode and the vehicle may now be started using the newly programmed valid Sentry Key. Each of these steps must be repeated and completed in their entirety for each additional Sentry Key that is to be programmed. If the above steps are not completed in the given sequence, or within the allotted time, the SKIS will exit the Customer Learn programming mode and the programming will be unsuccessful. The SKIS will also automatically exit the Customer Learn programming mode if it sees a non-blank Sentry Key transponder when it should see a blank, if it has already programmed eight (8) valid Sentry Keys, or if the ignition switch is turned to the Off position for more than about fifty seconds. NOTE: If an attempt is made to start the vehicle while in the Customer Learn mode (SKIS indicator flashing), the SKIS will respond as though the vehicle were being started with an invalid key. In other words, the engine will stall after about two seconds of operation. NOTE: Once a Sentry Key has been programmed as a valid key to a vehicle, it cannot be programmed as a valid key for use on any other vehicle. If you need instructions for the 2005-2010 just ask for them! They are almost the same!