Visiting The Flying Scab my 1973 Roadrunner in storage

Yes I actually DID hug and kiss my 1973 Roadrunner in the storage place today, it's been months since I saw it last and two years since any work was done on it. (I was the one who did all the work btw.) Btw: I call it The Flying Scab because before I started the resto it was kinda crusty and it certainly was fast, with a 1970 440 6bbl motor in it, over 400 HP with 4.10 gears. Hopefully in 2008 the resto will re-start.

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1973 Roadrunner
A quick video of my Roadrunner starting up.

1973 Roadrunner
1973 Roadrunner with Cannon Powershot

1973 roadrunner 12.57 108mph
dave at maple grove raceway, first day with new build

1973 roadrunner