Visiting The Flying Scab my 1973 Roadrunner in storage

Yes I actually DID hug and kiss my 1973 Roadrunner in the storage place today, it's been months since I saw it last and two years since any work was done on it. (I was the one who did all the work btw.) Btw: I call it The Flying Scab because before I started the resto it was kinda crusty and it certainly was fast, with a 1970 440 6bbl motor in it, over 400 HP with 4.10 gears. Hopefully in 2008 the resto will re-start.

More Videos...

1973 Roadrunner
A quick video of my Roadrunner starting up.

1973 roadrunner 12.57 108mph
dave at maple grove raceway, first day with new build

1973 Plymouth Roadrunner resto VIII
AH YES! Riverside installs the driver's quarter (N.O.S.) and the car really begins to take shape. More to come and dig my Flickr pics too

1973 Plymouth Roadrunner resto VI
Riverside Restorations continues their resurrection of my bird. Hey Noel's blinking his eyes shut, don't sweat!