Visiting The Flying Scab my 1973 Roadrunner in storage

Yes I actually DID hug and kiss my 1973 Roadrunner in the storage place today, it's been months since I saw it last and two years since any work was done on it. (I was the one who did all the work btw.) Btw: I call it The Flying Scab because before I started the resto it was kinda crusty and it certainly was fast, with a 1970 440 6bbl motor in it, over 400 HP with 4.10 gears. Hopefully in 2008 the resto will re-start.

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1973 Plymouth Road Runner 440
Mint Green / Black, 440cid, 727 with manual valve body, Electric Exhaust Cutout, runs very strong. Call 03-3558-2382 ライムグリーン・エクステリア、ブラックインテリア、 フレッシュ440cid、モディファイドTF727(マニュアル・バル ブボディ)、ラリーダッシュ、Hooker Headers, Electric Exhaust Cutout, etc 国内にてロードランナーにこだわりを持ったマニアの方 が長い間大切に所有されていた車です。マニュアル・バ ルブボディのトランスミッションと非常にパワフルな” フォーフォーリー”の組み合わせは運転と言う行為をと ても楽しくします。クラシック・モパーはクーダやチャ ージャーを筆頭に年を重ねるごとに高騰しております。 今後更に値上がりして手の届かない車になる前にいかが でしょうか? 超極上車 お気軽にお電話にてお問い合わせ下さい。03-3558-2382

1973 Roadrunner resto XI: the 440
Temporary installation of the 1971 440 into the car to consolidate the parts, stuff and 'bits.' The engine will be pulled soon, cleaned, painted, re-gasketed and mated to the numbers matching Fireball Automatics-rebuilt 727 the installed for good. Chivvies and Frauds beware. ((Sensitive types and kids note there is a lot of swearing in the video - but not my me, heh.))

1973 Plymouth Roadrunner resto VIII
AH YES! Riverside installs the driver's quarter (N.O.S.) and the car really begins to take shape. More to come and dig my Flickr pics too

1973 Roadrunner Resto Chapter X
The Scab receives more attention: the right door and trunk lid get putty sprayed on them (3 coats). Next is the filler primer (aka sanding primer).