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Mitsubishi Magna VR-X vs Ford Falcon BA XT WSID 10/10/2012

my magna up against my mates ba, i have a custom Exhaust he has a catback. everything esle stock


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My BA XT on dyno
My BA falcon XT 4L inline 6 on the Dyno, only has Exhaust and extractors at the moment, getting more mods on in the next few weeks so then back on agian

Supercharged Ralliart Magna - Dyno run
Mitsubishi Magna Ralliart with Raptor Supercharger running 4psi Boost. Dyno run tuning at Hyperdrive motorsport, the car ran 200.4hp atw on only 4 psi.

Forza 5 | Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 2014 | C7 Stingray A Class Build | Mount Panorama Bathurst
The new Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray 2014 - 2015 Model Group A / Class A Modified - 2:17 "Clean Lap" With tuning potential.... Watch/Rate/Subscribe or Comment for more video ideas !

Mivec diamante acceleration
Mivec diamante accelerating :)

4MYEGO 2002 Turbo Magna VRX 434hp(323kw) At The Front Wheels
MY 2002 Magna VRX. It now has a 3.0L Engine(6g72) and has a Garret GT 35/40 on it running 21 PSI and it Produced 434hp at the wheels. Engine has been built by Street Torque In Alice Springs and Tuned Using a Haltech Platinum Sports 2000 ECU.

Magna vs Commo Ute
Tas Commodores Drag Day November 2009

Ford Falcon FG XR6 (Stock) 0-100
Traction on. Completely stock 2010 Ford Falcon FG XR6 195kw (260HP) 391nm Barra 195 I6. couldnt use sports shift (5 speed) as 1 hand was on the wheel, while the other was holding the cam -.- The FG XR6 is a rocket! Cant imagine how hard a XR6T or F6 would go!

MAGNA VRX AWD. 0-100kmh in under 7 secs in my Magna AWD. 25-03-2013
A dash to 100k in my VRX Magna AWD...AROUND THE 6.5 TO 7 SECOND MARK. Not too shabby for a full soze AWD sedan. It's not your standard Magna! This has a high flow 200cpi cat, extractors, high stall converter and last but not least, a MERLIN tuned 380 motor! It has a nice G-R-O-W-L and hauls a$$. Also has 19x8 TMR380 ROH Flares, Evo X Brembo Brakes up front, Evo 9 Brembos rear, KONI yellow adjustable shocks, in dash GPS/DVD/CD/MP3/Bluetooth player. So I have done all this for under 20grand including purchase price with just over 100,000km on the clock. Australia's first Aussie made ALL WHEEL DRIVE. I'm lovin' it. A similar vehicle with the same equipment level new would be well over $60,000 and that would be without AWD. The AWD means I leave V8 Falcons and Commondoors in the dust when the road is wet and there is no competition around the bends. Cops don't even give me a second look as I haven't lowered it to the ground so it still drives and handles fantastic.

Accord v6 2004 vs Magna VRX 2005 Part 1
SADIQ : the accord driver

Narkus2 vs Magna
Narkus2's Lancer vs Maverick's Magna at Drag Combat Perth Motorplex 2006.

2002 Mitsubishi TJII Magna VR-X Stock Exhaust Note
My loyal Magna VR-X demonstrates her stock Exhaust note. *Polishes the 3 diamonds* LOVE THAT CAR! :)

Ralliart Magna on dyno
Mitsubishi Magna Ralliart on the Dyno. In this run it made 135.2kw at the wheels.

Mitsubishi Magna 3.5L Manual 0-100
Mitsubishi Magna with 3.5L engine and 3.0L gearbox. Clutch is a Mitsubishi 380 240mm with a 380 flywheel. Car was recently converted from auto-to-manual hence why there are gear numbers/positions.

BA Falcon XT Intake
Just made up a steel 3" intake pipe to go from the throttle body through to the air box. Sounds great when under load! Will have a driving video soon.

Mitsubishi Magna Supercharged on LPG quarter mile drag
Sprintex Supercharger @ 6 PSI No Intercooler Running on LPG Manual

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1965 Ford Falcon Sprint: 8.140 @ 165.000
Vinnie Porcelli, Engine: 351 windsor by Headwinds, Tires: Mickey Thompson 32-14-15

1964 Ford Falcon futura: 9.124 @ 148.863
Tony Rabito, Engine: 454 sbf, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: N/A Tires: M/T

2009 Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo: 10.031 @ 142.120
Matt, Engine: 4.0 ltr Barra inline 6, Turbos: MTA900 Tires: MT 275/40/17

1965 Ford Falcon Futura: 10.158 @ 129.960
Rodney Houze, Engine: 454 chevy, Tires: Hoosier 32/14.5/15

1984 Ford Falcon xe: 10.160 @ 133.000
john colaidis, Engine: 4lt, Turbos: gt42 Tires: slicks

1992 Ford Falcon xd: 10.360 @ 128.000
mark l, Engine: 351ci clevland, Supercharger: no Turbos: no

1984 Ford Falcon xe esp: 10.560 @ 129.780
john colaidis, Engine: 4lt, Turbos: gt42 Tires: mickey thomson et streets

1967 Ford Falcon Sport Coupe: 10.601 @ 125.230
Mike Gardner, Engine: 2012 Dart block Ford 363, Tires: Hoosier 31x10.5x15

1985 Ford Falcon gl: 10.760 @ 127.000
john, Engine: 250 crossflow, Turbos: gt42roller

1974 Ford Falcon XB Fairmont sedan: 11.070 @ 123.020
Brenden, Engine: 393 cleveland, Tires: MT front runners and MT ET street drag 26*10.5*16

1972 Ford Falcon XA: 12.245 @ 114.060
Greg, Engine: 351 Cleveland stroked to 383, Tires: Hoosier

1987 Ford Falcon gl: 12.310 @ 109.100
JAMIE CLAY, Engine: 351 cu inch cleveland, Tires: m/t et streets

2006 Ford Falcon xr6 turbo: 12.473 @ 113.310
matt caple,

1997 Honda Magna VF 750 C2: 12.559 @ 105.090
Mad Mag, Engine: 750 CC v-4, Tires: Stock Dunlop

2006 Ford Falcon xr6 turbo: 12.709 @ 111.240
hamidreza shoari, Engine: STRAIGHT 6 4.0L,

1964 Ford Falcon Futura: 12.790 @ 107.000
Adam Nunn, Engine: 347, Tires: M&H DOT legal

1967 Ford Falcon XR: 12.800 @ 104.500
Jason Gerdes, Engine: 351 cleveland, Tires: sportsman pros

2004 Ford Falcon XR6 TURBO: 12.810 @ 112.080

1962 Ford Falcon : 12.880 @ 104.000
Allan Franks, Engine: 351w, Tires: M/T street

1963 Ford Falcon Sprint: 12.890 @ 117.465
Bill Leach, Engine: Stock 289 block, Tires: Eagle drag


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