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APSA 2011 SEPTEMEBR 17 Willowbank Raceway PROMO VIDEO
2011 APSA drag racing event going to be held at Willowbank Raceway, For further details visit the Australian Pro Street Association, Its going to be massive so come on down, Dont miss out

Super Compact at its BEST! Q2 at the Winternats 2012
Super Compact Flying the Rotary FLAG up HIGH at the Winternats 2012!! A HUGE FX Video to come later on in the week starring some of the World's fastest Compact Cars on the PLANNET!!! be sure to check out www.factoryxtreme.com.au for more info on the upcoming FX release!! but for now.. i leave you with this INSANE Super Compact video that will have your teeth grinding as Chris Hall s near miss was a hairy one!! We take you on a ride never seen before on YouTube!! Don't forget to LIKE and share this video!! Cheers RG

Rotorg33k RX3 Takes on the V8s at APSA ETZV8S
Little bro steers our car into the SEMI s at APSA to break out with a 8.8 ET on a 8.9 Dial in.. I will keep the videos coming soon, as most of you know i am battling an eye condition and working double time to get better so that i can hopefully steer our RX3 again! special thanks to all our sponsors!! we have one mean fighting machine!! Next event is Jamboree, i will miss it this year as i will be in the US undergoing another clinical trial that will hopefully give me most of my vision back. My Stem Cell treatment will be on ABC tomorrow night if any one wants to watch it. ABC 1 Head First | Stem Cell Highway | 830PM | 16th of July

New Pro Street Blown record set once again by the Chief in his Ford Capri, Well done to the crew, be sure to see more videos, so stay tunned cheers Rotorg33k