Illegal RX-7 Street Race. Tokyo Japan.

This is off of an Option DVD I got a few years back. Rx-7s do a top speed run on open freeway. Cannon ball run! Super illegal street race. Noticed there wasn't a clip of it so I uploaded the whole thing. Pretty intense. Hope you enjoy! Link to video with just racing:

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Wangan Street Racing Japan Porsche vs Nsx 深夜に繰り広げられるカーレース
Wangan racing - Team Midnight racing in Tokyo Japan at 180 mph. 深夜に繰り広げられるカーレース 日本ストリートレース 日本街头赛车

Wangan run with Chibakun

RX-7 Cannon ball run at Tokyo highway
This video is not fake and no fast-forwarded. very very illegal race??

Tokyo Drift - "Smokey" Special - 300 km/h Midnight Blast Part 1
Smokey is the nickname of a famous Japanese highway racer. He's done illegal street racing in many countries - UK, NZ and of course, Japan. He has been in the paper in the UK as well, with articles stating the police were "not impressed" by his racing on the A1. This 2006 video is basically a documentary of his exploits and features a lot of footage of him doing illegal racing on Japanese Highways. The film shows famous drift / car locations, such as the "Daikoku Highway Rest Area" near Yokohama and the "Aqualine", which is the 4th longest undersea tunnel in the world. Incidentally, both locations can be seen in other videos I have made myself on my channel.. The film is in Japanese and there are no subtitles Im afraid. However, you don't need to understand the words to understand the events. Basically, Smokey races around the highways and is filmed doing so. He tries to get his Toyota Supra up to 300km as fast as possible. I uploaded this due to people saying they couldn't see such films overseas. Apologies for the lack of English - but I really can't be bothered subtitling an entire film myself... I present is "as is"...take it or leave it. ***Disclaimer*** "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the US Copyright Law, allowance is made for "fair use" Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." I DO NOT OWN ANY AUDIO OR ANYTHING IN THE VIDEO. IT IS ONLY FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.