1997 Gen 1 Dodge Neon SRT-4 Swap

This is my neon. First time to the races. Need to install my megasquirt ecu and put slicks on the front. This run was only a 15.42 @ 93 mph. Hope to run the quarter under 13 sec w/ those things. :)

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Malcolm Wards SRT4 swap into first gen (95-99 Neon)
Malcolm's first gen with SRT4 swap is now complete and everything is running perfectly. Malcolm did this entire swap himself, and it looks like his Neon came like this from the factory. Congrats Malcolm. Congrats on a great job.

"Silver Bullet" 1st gen Dodge Neon 450+ hp 2.4 swap! 1/4 mile 2014
My neon with a 2.4 SRT swap and Forced Performance GT3582r HTA turbo set at 27psi. The car runs a pretty fast time at 11.29@ 129mph at Milan Dragway, making it this car's fastest pass so far. I am running the car on E85, 1600cc injectors, and managed with MegaSquirt. MegaSquirt also handles Boost control, knock control and 2-step rev limiter.

1St Gen Neon w/ 2.4 swap SRT Internalled no turbo on dyno
1St Gen Neon w/ 2.4 swap SRT Internalled no turbo on Dyno 101 HP and 124 ft/lbs. Non-turbo'ed

Pink Dodge Neon Srt 4 Swap Part 2.wmv
Part 2 Pink Neon with Srt 4 Swap