1997 Gen 1 Dodge Neon SRT-4 Swap

This is my neon. First time to the races. Need to install my megasquirt ecu and put slicks on the front. This run was only a 15.42 @ 93 mph. Hope to run the quarter under 13 sec w/ those things. :)

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98 neon srt swap racing video @cscs
its a 98 neon with an srt-4 motor in it, CAI, 3" Exhaust, wastegate, Megasquirt Stock motor/ stock turbo 60' 1.899 1/8 8.179 MPH 88.69 1/4 12.64 MPH 109.61

1St Gen Neon w/ 2.4 swap SRT Internalled no turbo on dyno
1St Gen Neon w/ 2.4 swap SRT Internalled no turbo on Dyno 101 HP and 124 ft/lbs. Non-turbo'ed

"Silver Bullet" 1st gen Dodge Neon 450+ hp 2.4 swap! 1/4 mile 2014
My neon with a 2.4 SRT swap and Forced Performance GT3582r HTA turbo set at 27psi. The car runs a pretty fast time at 11.29@ 129mph at Milan Dragway, making it this car's fastest pass so far. I am running the car on E85, 1600cc injectors, and managed with MegaSquirt. MegaSquirt also handles Boost control, knock control and 2-step rev limiter.

Pink Dodge Neon Srt 4 Swap Part 2.wmv
Part 2 Pink Neon with Srt 4 Swap