Mitsubishi Diamante VR-X

3.5 V6 24v KN Filter@220PS

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Diamante Turbo PR 2
Diamante turbo 19psi Boost on 93 Octane Fuel Pump.

2004 Mitsubishi Diamante VR-X
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Mitsubishi Diamante VRX Drive

People of New Zealand
If you are intrested about New Zealand, if you even want to visit New Zealand, if you've ever been in New Zealand or if you are new zealander, you should watch this amateurish project about New Zealand mentality. I present it in my view, you can make your own. But in general are Kiwis awesome! Questions: Where and how did you live whole your life? - Anneata 1:06 What do you do for living and why? - Diana 4:56 What do you think is true happiness? - Jamie 7:48 How would you characterize new zealanders? - Loren 12:05 How do you look at the coexistence Maori culture with colonists? - Mike 14:45 According to Transparency International is new Zealand country with lowest corruption in the world. Why do you think it's like that? - Peter and Chris 16:04 What do you think about New Zealand goverment? Do you vote? - Elise 22:34 When you look back in to your life, would you do anythink diffrent way? - Hannah 24:12 and Loren 25:35 What more do you expect from your life? Any plans for the future? - Loren 26:42 PS: Sorry 4 the delay between video and sound. Don't know how to get rid of that ...