MB CL55 AMG Active Suspension Booty Shake

Mercedes Benz CL55 AMG Active Suspension Hydraulic Fluid Flush Protocol AKA: Rodeo Booty Shake happens at about 1:00

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CL55 hydraulic suspension ABC system demonstration

Dancing Mercedes (ABC rodeo) CL55
Bleeding the air out of the lines, the car dances somewhat like a lowrider.

Mercedes CL55 AMG Killer Chiller
Install on a 2003 CL55 AMG (UK) RHD model

Testing Mercedes-Benz ABC Suspension
Testing ABC suspension function on a 2002 Mercedes-Benz CL500. The pressure should have stayed at about 175 bars during the complete test. As seen in the video, it didn't last very long before it started going down and the vehicle slowed down as well. After doing a complete flush of the system, everything went back to normal.