BMW M5 G Power vs. Audi S3

greek tuning :P

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Audi S5 VS BMW M5
JUST FOR THE RECORD, WE DID THIS JUST TO SEE HOW THE CARS WOULD COMPARE. SO DONT SAY BMW THIS OR AUDI THAT. 2 DIFFERENT TYPES OF CARS GOING AT IT FOR F-U-N 2008 S5 mods: AWE Exhaust cat back 2004 M5 mods: custom Exhaust and just for the peanut gallery who is saying M5/6 vs RS6.....

0-400 tune 2 race "best of 2012"
music:"Nick Ingman, Terry Devine-King-Mars",

Moggah's Bmw M5 Turbo 913whp
S38B36 turbo 913Whp /1088nm

BMW M5 G-Power Hurricane: Der 730 PS Wirbelsturm - Der Hurricane von G-Power hält genau das, was der Name verspricht. Die beiden Kompressoren in dem umgebauten BMW M5 entfachen einen wahren Geschwindigkeitssturm. FOCUS Online Redakteur Martin Vogt war mittendrin. 30-ps-wirbelsturm_vid_4965.html