How to remove big stumps.20kg ANFO

I buy explosives from a licenced supplier. We use safety fuse, no.8 detonator, detcord, 1/2 stick powergel for primer charge and 8 -10kg anfo for each stump. Did ya see the hunk that ended up on the flats? Its still there, a good scratching post for the bulls.

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How NOT to use 1100kg/1,1Tons of Dynamite. Explosion gone wrong
For the narrow minded kids that dont understand why the cameraman put down the camera should grow some balls and go out to the real world and see how they would react when getting bombarded by rocks ;) this is first class reaction to an explotion gone wrong ;) watch the sky for incoming rocks DONt focus on the camera, it CAN get you killed :P

Flash powder log splitting
What to do when a log is a bit too tough to split with an axe? Use flash powder instead. Obvious really! Around 3gm of Mg/NaNo3 flash powder (my thanks to Dornier335A for the inspiration) in a 10mm hole drilled into the log, capped with bentonite to stop sparks setting it off early, and a visco fuse. Skip to 1:21 if you're just here for the bangs! Enjoy.

Man Gets Rid Of A Pesky Tree Stump Using The Craziest Method Ever
For anyone who owns a yard, removing a tree stump is a surprisingly common issue. Most people bite the bullet and dial a professional service, hoping the bill doesn’t end up breaking the bank. It doesn’t have to be this way, though! While calling a pro can seem like the only way to get those pesky stumps out of your precious yard, there is a better (and cheaper) way to do it. It all centers on one helpful and easy DIY method. Believe it or not, this technique can help you get rid of that pesky stump in the matter of one afternoon! Best of all, you already have all of the supplies in your kitchen… join us in our second channel..let's help animals together OUR Website : Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : -----Audio by Scott Leffler: For copyright matters please contact us at:

Easy Way to Remove Tree Stumps - Part 1
The easy way to remove tree stumps. Part 1 of a 3 part series. #stumpremoval