How to remove big stumps.20kg ANFO

I buy explosives from a licenced supplier. We use safety fuse, no.8 detonator, detcord, 1/2 stick powergel for primer charge and 8 -10kg anfo for each stump. Did ya see the hunk that ended up on the flats? Its still there, a good scratching post for the bulls.

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Flash powder log splitting
What to do when a log is a bit too tough to split with an axe? Use flash powder instead. Obvious really! Around 3gm of Mg/NaNo3 flash powder (my thanks to Dornier335A for the inspiration) in a 10mm hole drilled into the log, capped with bentonite to stop sparks setting it off early, and a visco fuse. Skip to 1:21 if you're just here for the bangs! Enjoy.


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Easy Way to Remove Tree Stumps - Part 1
The easy way to remove tree stumps. Part 1 of a 3 part series. #stumpremoval