xy chased by police at powercruise 2010 sydney

me getting chased by my brother at powercruise

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motorbike pulled over by police on Parramatta Road Granville Sydney 15.01.2014
Parramatta Road / Granville / Auburn

Ford FPV Pursuit Chased By Police For Hooning ( Fail! ). Good On you!
This Ford FPV owner has no regard for his safety or the safety of others. You Deserve To Be Caught You Dickhead Hoon. Acts like this is what giving modified car enthusiast a bad name. this guy deserves to be taken off the streets. Taken with a HD dashcam in Macquarie shopping center in North Ryde Sydney NSW Wednesday around 2:10 pm (camera clock didn't account for daylight saving time) Probably did 100kph on a 50kph zone. BUSTED!!! Notice his load almost spilled to the street, it could have seriously injured or killed someone and could have caused a major traffic delay to say the least. He doesn't deserve to drive a powerful car like this. Drive like a BOSS, CAUGHT LIKE A CRIMINAL. LoL

Violent end to chase
A high speed police chase through south western Sydney ended violently on the M5. See more at www.tennews.com.au

Falcon XY 9-second true street car
Arty's Ford XY runs into the 9s for the first time. The car was driven to and from the track and raced in full street trim (3690lb with driver) for consistent 9s and then driven to the pizza shop to celebrate! Dandy Engines powered naturally aspirated 440ci Windsor V8 running on 98-octane pump fuel through the mufflers and street radial tyres. Making 800hp the car has room to improve yet. http://dandyengines.com http://www.facebook.com/fullBoostcomau http://www.youtube.com/user/fullBoostcomau http://www.fullBoost.com.au