kz 1000 tire pop


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The Story of Seventies Superbikes
A review of the milestone Japanese Superbikes of the 1970s. Part of a feature for Classic Bike Magazine, John Naish tells the story from behind the handlebars of the era’s legendary bikes: the Honda CB750, Honda 500 Four, Kawasaki H2 750, Kawasaki Z1, Suzuki GT750, Honda GoldWing, Suzuki GS1000 and Honda CBX. The 70s was an incredible period of motorcycle development. In less than 8 years, everything changed forever – before 1969, features such as electronic ignition, disc brakes, top speeds of over 130 mp/h or quarter mile times of around 12 seconds were almost unheard of. These unique Superbikes made that performance accessible to the mass market. Shot at Paul Brace’s Proper Bikes in Sussex, England. Directed & edited by Jack Zeniewski Cameras by Jack Zeniewski & Paul Brace Written & presented by John Naish A Brightside Media production

79 Kawasaki Supercharged
I took my 1979 Kawasaki KZ1000 LTD - SUPERCHARGED for a quick ride with the GoPro camera attached. About midway I started to use the Boost a bit :) Sorry, didn't realize the sun was working against me in one direction. To hear the true roar of this bike - check out this video of me doing a routine start and run - this is stored a lot.

KZ1000 MADMAX Kerker open megaphone sound check
KZ1000 1978 with standard bore and factory cams, dyna ignition, 26mm original carbs. New rings and gaskets and valve job. The bike pulls very clean and compared to other bikes of the era it feels stronger pulling from down low. You can tell the bike has a longer stroke than a GS1000. The open Kerker really gets down in the bottom of your ear. Vance and Hines sells a baffel that fits the old kerker for 25 bucks.

KAWASAKI KZ1000 1977,engine start