2013 Chili Bowl - Mid-Race Battle - Kyle Larson / Kevin Swindell / Sammy Swindell

The mid-race battle in the Saturday A-Feature of the 2013 Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals between #71 Kyle Larson, #39 Kevin Swindell, and #1 Sammy Swindell. Larson, driving the Keith Kunz Motorsports Toyota TRD, passed Sammy Swindell after a mid-race re-start, setting up a classic battle with Kevin Swindell that lasted several laps before Larson spun in turn 4. Kevin Swindell went on to claim his 4th consecutive Chili Bowl Nationals victory.

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Swindell/Larson after chili bowl
Right after the Chili bowl finish Swindell comes up to Larson and accuses him of knocking someone out. I didn't get it all just the start.

sammy swindell and jamie mcdonald argument after race at western springs
sammy swindell at western springs has a argument after the race

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24 Jeff Gordon & 42 Kyle Larson battling for 2nd position @ Chicagoland Speedway