'85 BMW 318i - 4cyl 8valve racing - Event1 Run7 2008

AutoXing my BMW in Spokane

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BMW E30 318i M10 120-205 Top speed
little acceleration test, 205 is actually 198 measured by GPS. Engine M10B18 102Hp, Diff 4.10 PLEASE RATE IF YOU LIKE THE VIDEO!

bmw 318i e30( m10)#2
2nd film pendant la phase de restauration apres beaucoup de galères

e30 M10 Exhaust
Stock BMW 318i M10 Engine, with 2.25" piping, stock extractors, No cat, magnaflow 3.5" muffler

My E30 318i with Borla Exhaust
This is my 85 BMW 318i with 2.25" piping with a Magnaflow Hi-Flow cat and a Borla turbo muffler. I hope this helps many decide what kind of Exhaust to get for the little M10.