My Nissan 300ZX, Timing Belt, Part 3

These videos are old now, most of the information is pretty handy, but I recommend following this guide . Hey long time no upload, My car is now back on the road and running great, never got the chance to get this uploaded. Anyway, I will probably make a video showing the final product along with a couple issues I am having.

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Part 2. Nissan 3.0 V6 timing belt, Water pump And thermostat Part 2. 1994 Nissan 3.0 v6 timing belt, waster pump and thermostat replacement

300zx noise in timing belt area.

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1994 Nissan 300zx Engine Noise /Knocking (fixed)
1994 Nissan 300zx 2+2 N/A Engine noise/Engine knocking. I started to hear it one day after work. So far I have searched and asked a few people, getting mixed reviews. I have: Put in Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer - Did nothing Changed the oil - No change Did a compression test in each valve - All stated at the same pressure Replaced spark plugs - No change (the ones I replaced seemed like they didn't burn) I am currently stuck :| -=-=-=-Fixed-=---=-- Found out the timing belt was way off and the auto Tensioner was not working properly. The belt was fine so we just reused it. Cleaned the auto Tensioner and re-positioned the valves, put it it back and it ran smooth. Leaving this video to others. Maybe someone had a problem and at least this could be a start.