My Nissan 300ZX, Timing Belt, Part 3

These videos are old now, most of the information is pretty handy, but I recommend following this guide . Hey long time no upload, My car is now back on the road and running great, never got the chance to get this uploaded. Anyway, I will probably make a video showing the final product along with a couple issues I am having.

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Nissan 300ZX lifter disassemble and asemble
For rebuilding and cleaning a vg30 nissan lifter. You can also lightly scotchbrite parts if you'd like just be sure to get rid of all dust and grit made by doing that. Also Make sure all the oil holes are clear including the tinnnnnnyyyy ones on the top piece.

Team Overdrive #74 2007/2008
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FRC2016 Mighty Monkey Wrenches 2011 Robot
Team 2016 Mighty Monkey Wrenches 2011 Robot Introducing RP5, 8wd, 6 motor drive base 12 fps top speed Low mounted telescoping arm Super spring wheel roller claw Light signaling system in the spirit of this years game Self peg locating via program and drivers station Mini-bot here (! Can't wait to see everyone at NJ and DC. See you at St. Louis! Good luck!

Team Overdrive #3179 2006/2007
Team Overdrive #3179 Year 2006-2007 FVC Website