Harley Before and After

1929 Harley JD before and after restoration.

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Relic Hunting Eastern Front of WWII Episode 9 Раскопки Вторая Мировая Война Металлоискатель
WWII Relic Hunting and Metal Detecting Episode IX: This is a video of our last tour this year. It's not really a tour like the other ones we've been on the last couple of times, this one was just a one-day-tour actually. But even though it was a short tour, it was one of our best tours ever. We found a dump pit with a total of 6 equipment pieces in it, plus a lot of magazines in really amazing condition. We found the long awaited MP40, plus 4 Degtyaryova Tankovy (DT), which are quite rare relics to be found with a metal detector.. It was really a find of a lifetime and we invite you to take the tour together with us in this video. Our advice: don't skip the video, just sit back and enjoy :) Feel free to post comments or ask questions. Enjoy the video! *Updated video* This video is an update of the original one, posted in December last year. The old one had some flaws in it, but it will stay online for now, this version serves as an enriched second part/update. We added some updated information about some of the finds and also more information about the location where everything was found. We have received a more than average amount of questions about the location, so we decided to give a bit more information. We still don't reveal the real location, something you'll understand. However, we explain in this video (with the use of a map) what happened at the location during the war, and why we found all these dumped objects. Note: this is the last reupload for now, the next video will be a brand new one! Stay tuned :) Disclaimer: this video has no political motive or whatsoever, we only want to show you the traces of history that can still be found. Apart from the rules and laws that apply to the specific areas we visit, we always make sure the environment is not damaged and that potential dangerous finds, such as unexploded ordnance, are reported to the right authorities. We are also aware of the possibilityof finding a missing soldier or ID tags. In case we would find such a thing, we will always inform the right authorities (which we have done several times after finding ID tags) and stop digging ourselves. We will let the experts take over and let them identify and rebury the soldier. We will never take any belongings. Nothing we find is for sale. We don't dig for profit, but because we love history and we want to preserve the objects we find. We have never sold a thing, and we never will. Asking about it is useless. Thanks. If you enjoyed watching this video, please take the time to comment, rate, or even click subscribe to be the first to watch our next videos :) -------------------------------------- We explicitly do not give permission to use the video material of our finds without our consent. Thanks for your understanding. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Our equipment: XP Gmaxx II XP Gmaxx II XP Gmaxx II White's Matrix M6 White's TM-808 Canon Powershot A1200 Kodak ZX5 Playsport GoPro Headcam 2x Panasonic HC V510 Music used: Beyond the Stars by Per Kiilstofte https://machinimasound.com/music/beyond-the-stars Music used: Rallying the Defense by Per Kiilstofte https://machinimasound.com/music/rallying-the-defense Music used: Escape from the Temple by Per Kiilstofte https://machinimasound.com/music/escape-from-the-temple Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) WWII Metal detecting videos - обнаружения металла, мировая война 2, мировая война 2 обнаружения металла


harley davidson owners ride off cliff
if you think that this was stupid check this out https://youtu.be/RZZBQVp2-iI BTW there is a third rider, the driver of the first bike, who isnt seen in the vid. Hes hiding beneath the bike. rider goes into bayou---- https://youtu.be/AssL5mfVW0Q

1948 Indian Chief motorcycle comes back to life after 40 years
Old Indian motorcycles never die as this one demonstrates. Brought back to life after 40 years at Kiwi Motorcycles Riverside California 2010, this 1948 classic ticks over like a vintage clock. http://www.kiwiindian.com