BRSCC National Formula Ford 1600 Championship Round 10 - Silverstone

On Board footage of the Tenth round of the 2012 BRSCC National Formula Ford 1600 Championship at Silverstone. I couldn't afford to test and having never driven the car round the circuit before, I knew the race meeting was going to be hard. I struggled in qualifying and started in a disappointing 7th. This put me right in the thick of it on the first lap, when two cars spun in front of me, leaving me absolutely nowhere to go and I had to send the car into a spin to avoid contact. Thankfully I was able to avoid the carnage that broke out around me and continued without damage. I then had my work cut out and quickly worked my way up to 16th place, when the safety car came out for the first lap incident. When the race got underway again I managed to make steady progress working my way back up to 8th, just missing out on fastest lap by 0.1 seconds. The final result of the top 8 was: 1 - #51 Ben Mitchell (Van Diemen RF99) 2 - #15 Dave McArthur (White Van Diemen LA10) 3 - #90 Joshua Barnett (Van Diemen BR001) 4 - #16 Chris Chisnall (Van Diemen LA10) 5 - #9 Nick Jones (Spectrum 09) 6 - #59 Chris Acton (Ray GRS08) 7 - #81 Felix Fisher (Van Diemen RF06) 8 - #27 Luke Cooper (Swift SC10)

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On Board Justin Johns Silverstone National Circuit Test
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Chris Mealin - Formula Ford 1600 / Silverstone National Circuit ( 25th September 2013) Twitter - @ChrisMealin