Stage-1 455 Buick on the dyno

mild street sleeper build. still wrapping up odds and ends but surviving the beatings so far.

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1970 Buick 455 Stage 1 Dyno Bone Stock
Big Dyno day for the 455 stage1 with stock Exhaust intake and carburetor. Mark at Scared Shiftless explains the the process. Only modifications was to install roller lifters and better oiling system. Determined to get at least 400hp Sponsored in part by, and

big block buick
from a 69 riviera 430 big block going into my 70 skylark.

Buick 455 Dyno
Finally done with my engine build. The camshaft was broken in, and the engine was tested on the Dyno. Maximum numbers: 417hp, 510 lb-ft tq. Impressive...this is a very mild, tame build. Arao Racing Engines Buick 455 dyno, Buick 455 engine Dyno, Arao Engineering, Racing, Street Racing, Racing Engines, Heads, Cylinder heads, 32v, 32valve, Rusell Arao, Russ Arao, Aluminum heads, Arao Racing Engines, 4v, 4valve, Performance Heads, 2valve heads, Chevy, Ford, Chevy small block, Ford small block, Ford Windsor, Ford Cleveland, LS, LSX, Warhawk