Ford XR6 turbo SICFPV

Falcon BA XR6 getting loose at Heathcote Raceway. Ford 4L DOHC turbo six engine.

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Ford Mustang 4L E85 turbo
John's Tunnel Vision powered Ford 4L turbo Mustang is back after some quite extensive updates. This includes a switch from the LPG to an E85 fuel setup, a completely new front end and not to mention a new paint job. John was doing some shakedown passes and ran a 9.3 at 149mph pass on the day.

BTA Motorsports 1000hp 'Monster' Ford F6 turbo
Just how far can you push the tried and proven Ford straight six? This is what we try to find out with our project "Monster" F6. The goal? A 1000hp engine in a street package. The result? 1300hp+ from the engine with 992.8hp at the rear wheels. For more info, check out the Project F6 build blog: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - -touches/ Music: Girl Talk - Can't Stop Wake - Steppin Go-qualia - Bate MIDI 4 Too A Buried Motif

9-second Ford XR6 turbo ~ SICFPV
David's Ford Falcon XR6 turbo runs a few 9-second passes. The car is powered by an Atomic forged 4L six and Boosted by a Garrett T51R turbo, Preston Automatics C10, tuned by All Sparks Performance. Heathcote Park Raceway, Australia - April 6th 2014

Ford G6E turbo daily driver
Daniel's Ford Falcon G6E turbo is one quick daily driven car. The stock appearance doesn't give much away but under the bonnet lies a built Barra 4L engine Boosted by a custom Garrett turbocharger by XR6 turbo Developments. A Kewish upgraded ZF 6spd transmission remains in place. Follow us on social media @ Google+ Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram Calder Park, Australia - December 19th 2014.