Ford XR6 turbo SICFPV

Falcon BA XR6 getting loose at Heathcote Raceway. Ford 4L DOHC turbo six engine.

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When the winter months were approaching here in northern Illinois and all big events done for the year, Byron Dragway hosts test n tune weekends till the snow flies. You will see mostly anything at these events as everyone is trying to get a few more passes in before the season is over. Honestly these last events can be somewhat boring but not when you have a local racer strike up a friendship with another racer, who comes from Minnesota to test and proceed to match race each other on multiple weekends much to the delight of the spectators! Eric Olsen, from Freeport Illinois, who by the way drives his Twin turbo '83 Ford Ranger to and from the track, takes on Lakeville, Minnesota's Nathan Shaw and his Twin turbo '71 Nova, who also has driven his Nova to Byron from Minnesota in a 3 day 3 racetrack event earlier this year. What also makes this matchup interesting is Eric's Ranger is a somewhat low budget build compared to Nathan's Nova but nevertheless holds it own. Watch as the guys battle it out with both drivers ending up setting their personal best times! Eric runs his best ever at 8.45@162mph with Nathan running an incredible 7.90@172mph! You can bet Eric is already planning on how to up his game for next year! Byron Dragway 10-16

Classic Ford Departures and Accelerations
Some classic Fords leaving Ryka's café at Box Hill. Facebook: An event organised by Mk1Kieran saw a bunch of classic Fords turn up at Ryka's café at Box Hill. This is my video of the cars leaving Flickr: Instagram: @adamc3046 Link to recommended video: Ys_EJ5_n&index=186

Wild Ford XR6 turbo!
Welcome back to the track Karman. After a 4 year absense the Ford XR6 turbo awoke first pass off the trailer. The Falcon is still a full weight car with electric glass and factory interior. Quickest pass for the day was an easy 9.0 at 151mph. The 4L turbo six is now using E85 fuel.

Ford Mustang 4L E85 turbo
John's Tunnel Vision powered Ford 4L turbo Mustang is back after some quite extensive updates. This includes a switch from the LPG to an E85 fuel setup, a completely new front end and not to mention a new paint job. John was doing some shakedown passes and ran a 9.3 at 149mph pass on the day.