Dyno-Comp C55 Breaks dragtimes.com C55 record 11.988

C55 11.988 @114mph, Sorry for the bad video My girlfriend never used a video camera, Nor did she know my time was on the other clock. Check dragtimes.com for the time slip. Also pulled a 1.633 60ft!

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Dyno-Comp C55 AMG sets new C55 1/4 mile drag record
Dyno-Comp C55 runs an 11.75 @ 116mph and runs down a Harley Davidson. Speedworld Arizona. Setting a new dragtimes.com 1/4 mile record. Also nailed a 60ft time of 1.5672

C55 AMG on the dyno at Dyno-Comp
just a quick video of My C55 on the Dyno Dynamics Dyno at Dyno-Comp in Scottsdale Arizona. Nothing spacial just a car on a Dyno.

C55 AMG Kleemann S7 vs 2009 Corvette Z06 Ligenfelt (www.CreditLoansRegister.com)
http://creditloansregister.com - YOUR STARTING POINT FOR THE BEST INFO. 2005 Mercedes C55 AMG Kleemann S7 vs 2009 Corvette Z06 Ligenfelter 427 Supercharged

Dyno Comp C55 makes solo pass at Famoso
Video provided by Dyno-Comp www.Dynocomp.com Home of the worlds fasted C55 AMG Mercedes. and other record braking Mercedes-Benz