Don Garlits vs Tommy Ivo Crash

Big Daddy Don Garlits and TV Tommy Ivo bump into each other at the 2007 NHRA Hot Rod Reunion.

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Garlits horrible accident Lions Drag Strip incredible 1970 wreck
Horrific drag racing accident involving "Big Daddy" Don Garlits at Lions Drag Strip (March 8, 1970) is graphically depicted in this segment from Part 3 of the historical documentary (DVD) "Lions - The Greatest Drag Strip". Incredible footage shows the legendary top fuel driver's "Swamp Rat 13" explode its transmission just off the starting line during the final round. As a result, Garlits lost part of his right foot, plus a spectator was also injured. While recuperating in nearby Pacific Hospital (Long Beach, Calif.) Garlits conceived of a machine which placed the driver ahead of the engine, and the rest was history.

Tommy Ivo 4 Motor Wagon Master INDY GG's Hot Rod Nationals 1996
Tommy's last time down the strip in the Wagon Master.1996 Indy GoodGuys Hot Rod Nationals. Filmed by Frank Kunkel. franksdragracevideos. 2.5 hrs. available on DVD.(off VHS)

NitroAmerica 2014 - Don Garlits Electric Dragster Test

Don Garlits - 1964 426 Hemi build CACKLEFEST Swamp Rat 8
During the work on HEMI: A History of Chrysler's Iconic V-8 in Competition, I had a chance to spend a day with Don Garlits as he put together a cackle engine for the 2014 season. Providentially, this was going into the replica of Swamp Rat 8, the first Garlits dragster to use the 426 engine architecture. As you will see, the results could not have been better....