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Oregon Barn find Halftrack Runs!

This includes photos of all of my halftracks including my barn find, red one, which I got running last week. All are model M2A1 with the yellow one being an Autocar. The green and red halftracks were both built by White. All haftracks originally had a un-ditching roller. The rollers on the yellow and red halftracks were removed and replaced with winches. The red one has the correct winch bumper and the yellow one was made up.


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Massive Barn Find in Portugal
I've tried to identify most of the 180 cars found locked away in here, can anyone recognise any others? I will add them to the video along with corrections if confirmed 100%. What is that 2nd Formula race car?

1942 White Half Track Truck Ground Up Restoration
This is at the Arlington, Washington 2013 airshow. One of 5 Army vehicles restored by a family team of enthusiasts and career military personnel. This answers the question that has been keeping you up at night...Where do you get brand new tracks for your WWII half-track ? My blog with photos of a WWII Army camp recreated is here http://adventuresinmikeslife.blogspot.ca/2013/07/july-2013-arlington-airsh ow-wwii-camp.html

1945 White M2A1 Halftrack on GovLiquidation.com
http://www.GovLiquidation.com - This 1945 White M2A1 Halftrack has been sold. It went for 41% off the estimated original retail price! This authentic military vehicle started easily and ran well. It appeared to be mostly in its original condition and had 1945 dated tracks in serviceable condition. The transmission and transfer case shifted easily, the clutch and brakes seemed to be good. The steering was tight. It had nearly new tires. It did not have the original fuel tank and was missing the instruments. There was no glass, no manuals, no hour meter, and the enclosed cabin was not climate controlled. It had an electric start, but no ignition key. The 147hp White inline 6 cylinder water cooled gas engine had a 20 gallon fuel capacity. The max speed was 40 MPH and the range was 175 miles. The armor was .25 inches thick. This Halftrack was nearly rust free underneath and was in remarkably good condition for its age. This type of military vehicle can be registered to drive on the road and there were some spare parts available. It was located in Rancho Cordova, CA. To view a current list of available Trucks and Other Vehicles, visit http://bit.ly/uNaA3o today!

1949 Chevrolet deluxe Wagon For Sale-Barn Find
1949 Chevrolet deluxe Wagon For Sale-Barn Find- original purchase order!!

AMAZING Edsel Barn Find, Rare Cars Parked and Left. Pacer Convertible, Rangers, Dodge Charger
5/4/14...Just saw this in person yesterday and it blew my mind. In what can be best described as a 2000 sq ft litterbox, I opened this barn to find almost 10 cars that seemed to have been parked 30 years ago...so tightly that it was hard to get between them. The most amazing cars in the lot were an Edsel Pacer Convertible, and a Dodge Charger. Both of these cars appeared to have been in pristine condition when parked. The seller's agent told me that they are in the process of removing the cars from the barn and going though them in preparation for selling them. Amazing!!!

Audi 100LS C1 Convertible Cabrio Barn Find Scheunenfund
My friend Bryan found this ultra-rare Audi 100LS convertible at a farmhouse where he wanted to buy some stuff for his garden, when he saw the rear end sticking out of a barn under a cover. He introduced himself as an Audi enthusiast and was permitted to take a look at the car and so he found this one to his big surprise. After talking and negotiations he was eventually able to get the car. There are very strange abnormalities with this Audi. First of all, there were only 3 convertible prototype cars made for Audi by Karmann and also by Deutsch. One was destroyed by Audi, one was worn out while driving over the years and one still exists today. But, there are wildly rumors that a fourth car was made for the then young and aspiring engineer Ferd. Peech to be used for his visits and stays in the USA. Those rumors were never confirmed (and are still discussed at vintage Audi meetings today), but it looks like this is the car. The strange thing is that you never know where those special factory cars end up over these years like e.g. the last Horch that was found in a private junk yard in Texas. These are the oddities: the sticker on the B-post says 9/72, but it has the old front strut towers that were only produced up to January/February of 1972. It has a 2 piece floor carpet set that I haven't seen ever before (5 piece carpet set up to 7/70 and after that one piece floor carpets were used till end of production). It has Euro tail lights but sealed beams up front and US specifications side marker lights and bumpers incl. overriders. The engine set up is US model like also, but it is hooked up to a 4-speed trans (which is not unusual), but the gears are changed by column shift (which was never sold in the US). The instrument cluster has a speedo/odometer showing km/h. The seats are different, too. They feature leatherette/vinyl on the outside (like the originals), but the fabric of the seating area and the back is different. For some reason it still has the original Ingolstadt licence plate in the front. It is mounted beneath the front bumper (like the European models) while the regular '72 US models (till production end in 1977) had the licence plate mounted on the middle of the bumper up front. The Wolfsburg plate in the back was put on by him. As you can see, the car is very rough though the paint could be buffed up for the most part. Even the bumpers seem to be straight. It needs a lot of work but at least the engine runs (only if gas is poured into the carb) generating quite some smoke. Meanwhile it's a start for the upcoming restoration project. I hope that there are Audi 100 specialists out there who know more about this well rumored car that may have been built just for a big shot of the Audi factory as a vacation car or even as a test car, too. I suppose that the factory won't be able or willing to supply any information about this strange one-of-a-kind Audi 100.

Barn Find: Classic Porsche 912 Restoration -- /DRIVE CLEAN
Go to www.ammonyc.com to get the free Barn Find Assessment Checklist Today's story is about a true barn find. The car in question is a 1966 Porsche 912, which was last registered 23 years ago. We discovered the car thanks to our friend Roger Garbow, from Full Throttle Marketing. He had received a call about the car's discovery and immediately forwarded the info to us, here at Drive Clean. Address in hand, we turned our crews around and headed-off to a northern region of Connecticut where we unearthed and restored this classic car. Watch as we assess our find, remove years of accumulated filth and grime, and initiate the paint correction phase on this 912's "Irish Green" shell. www.youtube.com/ammonycdotcom www.facebook.com/ammonyc

Abandoned 1950s Dodge dump truck barn find
Not a true "barn find", but exciting to find nonetheless. I've caught glimpses of this truck several times a week for 10 years. It's completely hidden within the undergrowth of an old farmstead. It was worth the battle with mosquitos and stinging nettles to get close to this rusty relic.

Barn find 1932 Renault
After decades in storage in a Maryland barn, this very rare 1932 Renault Reinastella town car by Kellner sees new light of day. I was fortunate to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime discovery!

1974 Pantera DeTomaso Barn / Trailer Find
just out of 25 year storage

Nice 1936 Chevrolet barn find.
I saw this 1936 Chevrolet to day. Musik: Highway To Hell (Rockstar)

Cars in the Bush - machinery - WW2 relics
cars and machinery left abandoned in the Australian Bush . found on the Dampier Peninsula. world war 2 tractor / machinery / army equipment left to rust on a tidal flat

Offroad and Outdoor Aktivit├Ąten in den 90ern (GMC CCKW, M3 Half-track, Daimler Dingo..)
M3 Half-track armored personnel carrier, United States Daimler Dingo Armoured car, United Kingdom GMC CCKW, 6x6 Cargo truck/transport vehicle, United States Willys MB Jeep, United States

1931 Ford Model A Barn Find First Drive after 30 years
Actual first drive with the model A. Car is now for sale, $3300 o.b.o

1955 first series barn find
Barn finds a 1955 Chevrolet first series with 81,190.6 miles all original 3/4 ton forest green i think the owner told me he paid $ 1500.00 when it was new . Then in 1966 bought Chevy short wide bed custom cab, which i currently own. one day i hope to purchase this one get it running and just drive it.. it would make a good driver, or restore truck . just surface rust is all that i have found. besides a few dents. i have never seen dirt stick to the sides before LOL the spooky song came off of the Christine soundtrack, i thought it went well with the pics

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