Oregon Barn find Halftrack Runs!

This includes photos of all of my halftracks including my barn find, red one, which I got running last week. All are model M2A1 with the yellow one being an Autocar. The green and red halftracks were both built by White. All haftracks originally had a un-ditching roller. The rollers on the yellow and red halftracks were removed and replaced with winches. The red one has the correct winch bumper and the yellow one was made up.

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halftrack on wet slope
geelong military re-enactment group tim scrivens half track spinning the tracks at the 2010 rawson paintball event.

rare 1943 white m-3 halftrack awaits restoration
rare m3 halftrack awaits restoration, this halftrack sat for many many years at fort hood, many parts were stolen off of it at fort hood for other restorations, it has perfect frame rails, and has tracks and an engine for it. it is also not for sale. we are looking for an original bed for this, if you know of one in any shape please message me.

Free Halftrack? Abandoned White Halftrack Wrecks
Abandoned White Halftrack Wrecks and their last known locations on Google Maps.. Check out our other abandoned wreck films https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5nVv3PqvcJkrztEkBvceow

Halftrack pulling semi out of mud
Peterbuilt of Bristol Truck stuck