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1984 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 5.0L H.O. V8 5-Speed Review
Copyright © Michael Peterson, Jr. Originally recorded on June 4, 2015. This is the link to my video of the red 1984 Camaro Z28 that I uploaded back in August of 2014, but it was automatic. The gray one in the video is the 5-speed manual transmission version. All original. Thank you for watching. CONNECT WITH ME ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER BY CLICKING THESE LINKS AT THE BOTTOM. My Twitter page: My Facebook fan page (Michael J. Peterson's Automotive Reviews): 2322498190?ref=hl My Facebook group page: (Central New York Auto Connect by MJP):

1984 Z28 Camaro 305 start up
'84 Z with 305 V8. Kinda smokey as its pretty cold.

MotorWeek | Retro Review: '82 Mustang GT vs Camaro Z28
It's like watching legendary boxing match footage. Which fighter were you cheering for?

155 Horsepower V8? Classic Camaro Review. 1985 Camaro Berlinetta
What's going on guys? Today i drive a 1985 Camaro Berlinetta, which just so happens to be my dad's prize possession. It's not an in depth review, but i try to be as entertaining as possible. Hope you enjoy!