Old Top Gear Rover P5B

Old Top Gear from 1998 Quentin Willson roadtests Queen Elizabeth II's Rover P5B Coupé and plays the Chancellor Of The Exchequer in the process. He covers things to look for in a used P5B and the features of this quaint limosine This clip was extracted from the episode that was first broadcast on the 26th March 1998

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Several Careful Owners - Rover P5b
This episode is from the BBC series shown in 1999.

Rover - The Long Goodbye
Documentary which traces the rise and fall of a great British brand. In the days when Britain's car industry was the envy of the world, Rover epitomised everything to which the driver of taste aspired, but in 2005 it reached the end of the road. The film explores how Rover cars went from defining their eras to becoming victims of their times, telling the story behind the key models to the controversial joint ventures with Japanese and Indian manufacturers in later years.

Rover P5B Coupe.1st start/run in 30 years.Barn Find.
My rotten 1973 Rover P5B Coupe getting its first start after having sat in a damp shed on the island of Arran in Scotland for 30 years.Plugs cleaned..starter removed and cleaned..SU carbs unstuck...and then the Council of Poland performed their diplomatic miracle in persuading it to fire.Car is in Edinburgh and about to go back on the market.

Rover P5b Restored