0-210 km/h (0-130 mph) Toyota Supra 3.0i Turbo

Specs: 7M-GTE engine, K&N cold air intake, 3" free flow turbo elbow, 3" downpipe, 3" test pipe, 3" Blitz Nur Spec R titanium Exhaust, shimmed wastegate (0,9 Bar / 13-14 psi Boost), closed EGR, Flex-a-Lite dual electric cooling fans, AC delete.

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Toyota Supra 1250 WHP 0-300 km/h
Toyota Supra 1250 WHP 0-300 km/h

Reaction of one and a half year old boy In 600HP 2JZ MKIV Toyota Supra | Wow is 1st word
Wow, Check out this kid reaction. Took my family for a ride on Sunday evening in my MKIV Toyota Supra, was taking it easy, cause my kid is only 1.6years old :) maximum 40% thottle. Car been at the workshop for last 8 month, still have to break in new clutch and tune ecu for power runs. Next video is priceless, Watch here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFAoCqeJQFo

TOYOTA SUPRA 3.0 TURBO vs AUDI RS4 1/4 Mile Drag Race Viertelmeile Rennen Acceleration Sound BURNOUT
Audi RS4 vs Toyota SUPRA turbo + BURNOUT My FAVORITE VIDEO : http://youtu.be/sx-s4RveoOU BMW M4 AKRAPOVIC SOUND - https://youtu.be/gd_nvnqppwA Mercedes E63 AMG S vs BMW M5 - https://youtu.be/l1VzotrRBug Mercedes E63 AMG S Onboard Autobahn - https://youtu.be/4mXgk-vI6ts

Toyota Land Cruiser 6x6. Spectacular. Dubai-Oman. Part-1
In February 2016 I took a remarkable vehicle into Oman. A Toyota Land Cruiser 79-pickup, 6x6. This is part-1 of a short series of videos about my adventure in the UAE and Oman. Unlike the Mercedes 6x6, the Land Cruiser 6x6 has an active third axle, which means that the articulation keeps weight on both rear axles for as long as possible. Parts 2 and 3 include our ride through the spectacular mountains of Oman as well as a review of the driving qualities of this 6x6 workhorse. This video is by 4xOverland.com, makers of the best overland videos on the web. DOWNLOAD all our videos NOW: http://4xoverland.com/member-options/ SUPPORT the creation of the videos you love: https://www.patreon.com/Andrew_StPierre_White