Turbo Mighty Max

Video of my 91 Mitsubishi Mighty Max starting after the installation of a built motor, AEM, one of my custom headers and modified intake manny and a FP3052.

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4g63 Mighty Max drag race, Kevin Jewer "World's Fastest 4g63 Mighty Max" 11.54 @ 122 mph - NEW Best*
Kevin Jewer finally got some traction and got a new best ET and MPH in his 4g63 Mighty Max. Always improving. Current Best ET: 11.54 Current Best MPH: 122.85 (see compilation vid) Now on the 50 trim turbo. TCI competition TH350 trans JM Fabrications RWD intake manifold. ECMLINK V3 Kevin: "Some other details, it weighs 3000 lbs with me in it. TCI competition TH350 trans. Custom JMF intake and Exhaust manifolds Brent made for me. 2g ECMlink V3 on speed density. Mid 80s Montero LSD in the stock rear axle. MT ET Street radials. Pretty standard 2.3 liter eagle/ross motor. FP 4R cams. 45k miles on the odometer." New England Dragway 10/17/12 Epping, NH New England DSM [FREE Thunder sound FX by: Final Cut King - http://www.youtube.com/user/finalcutking]

Ultimate Turbo, Exhaust, Engine and Blow Off Sounds Compilation #5
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4G63 L200

4g63 Mighty Max Reveal
Got our hands on a dope ass mighty max, so we're excited to build this and have 3 rides to hoon eventually. This truck has the same engine as the Sonata, so we're going to turbo this and do a lot of mods similar to the sonata. --Connect with us!-- https://www.facebook.com/budgetracers https://twitter.com/budgetracersyo SnapChat - BudgetRacers