Supercharged E39 BMW 540i

Supercharged E39 540i @ 6lbs, M5 differential, and REMUS Exhaust.

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Supercharged e39 Walk through
This isn't my car. My friends... so uh yeah. that is all. he used it for craigslist.

BMW E39 540i Supercharged versus Naturally Aspirated
Two pulls/races. First pull is a 50mph rolling start. Camera car is in 4th gear to test and opponent is in 3rd gear. Second pull both cars are in 3rd gear with a 50mph start. Camera Car: M62TU 6-Speed, VF-Engineering supercharged, Magnaflow 16858 dual Exhaust, x-pipe, high-flow converters, M60/M62 (Pre-TU) Manifold, 3.15:1 differential. 3.25''/6'' pulley's (~10 PSI), TTFS Tune. Guest: M62TU 6-Speed, Magnaflow x-pipe, dual Exhaust, high-flow converters, M60/M62 (Pre-TU) manifold, 3.15:1 differential, ~200lbs weight reduction. Best 1/4 (quarter) mile trap is ~104mph.

Supercharged BMW 540i Drag Racing
Supercharged BMW 540i racing at drag strip

Supercharged 540I (544i) vs e39 M5, e31 850ci, e46 M3 fun
using the new YT vid editor just having some quick fun with some of my old and new BMW footage. it was 2 easy