fixing and starting XJ12 jaguar

1977 Xj12 5.3L jaguar needed a lot of work and cranking.

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playing with the v12
flat batteries and stuff.

'74 XJ12L Rebuilt Engine Start
still needs carb synch, mixture adjustments, and timing set.

Reconditioned Jaguar XJ12 V12 Test Bed Start-up
Starting the rebuilt Jaguar Ronart XJS V12 on the test bed.

1994 XJ12
Call Charles at (908) 675-2615 An extremely rare and beautiful 1994 Jaguar XJ12! The car is in extremely good condition, the leather is soft, and the wood work is stunning! Since I've owned the car it has had regular oil changes with Mobil 1 oil. The car has had a restoration of $14,000! I have all repair and service records. This is truly a fun car to drive! So what is so rare and unique about this Jaguar? The car was introduced late in 1993 as a 1994 model. The car was only produced until 1994. There were only 1,627 cars made out of those two years. Even the majority of so called 1994 cars were made in 1993. Because of the limited quantity produced and the limited amount that still exist this car is becoming a collectors piece and is quickly going up in value. The transmission is a four speed automatic transmission, with two settings setting one: normal, setting two: sport mode (this increases the amount of torque delivered to the back wheels which makes the car extremely responsive, this is my favorite setting to drive the car in). The engine is one of Jaguar's most famous and well built engines! It is a 6 L V-12 engine that produces 318HP and 342 torque. This engine was only produced from 1993 to 1995. It is Jaguar's most powerful engines of the time. The interior of the car is absolutely stunning with its soft, Connolly cream-colored leather and gorgeous dark walnut woodwork, the interior of this car shouts class and elegance! This is one of the last cars that used truly high-quality materials before Ford downgraded the materials being used. The exterior of the car is a beautiful dark black/purple You have to see the car to truly appreciate her! If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to call me, Charles at (908) 675-2615 Price is $17,500 or BO, this is an extremely rare car and is in very good condition.