GMC Canyon Dyno

Dyno tuning of my GMC Canyon

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08 colorado 3.7 wideband dyno tuned
ran 14.344 @ 93.77 mph at San Antonio Raceway 10/20/2010

2005 GMC Canyon Exhaust (Clip 2 of 2)
2005 GMC Canyon SLE with the 3.5L I-5 engine. The Exhaust system is a full Magnaflow 3" Cat-back Exhaust system.

Gmc canyon turbo set up
Orlando florida my gmc canyon turbo buld in 2005, now with a 2.9 lts engine 2008 and build piston and rods.

Chevy Colorado Dyno I5
First Pull of 3 For my Xtreme. I5 3.5l Auto 3.42rear K&N CAI, JTR Shorty Header, MBRP Turndown, Supermod Tune and PTB Made 196.12hp 197.34tq Down shifted out of 3rd