Wicked Fast 2JZ-powered BMW M3 - Gas Motorsports

We love quick cars and don't really care what they're powered by, so we reckon this Toyota 2JZ powered BMW M3 is pretty awesome. Check out the second pass where it runs in the sevens after stepping off the gas well before the finish line. This car is going to be a weapon once they get it sorted!

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Gas Motorsport 6-sec 2JZ-Powered BMW
We've shown you this screaming BMW before but I don't think it was running 6-second quarter mile times back then. 2JZFTMFW!

Blown Nova Goes 6.39 on 10.5 tyres
Frank Mamone's blown Chevy Nova is a wicked looking beast and it's got plenty of grunt to match. Lately he's been racing the Hemi powered Nova inn the 10.5 class and with some success too. He won at Sydney Dragway recent at the APSA Pro Street Shootout.

NUKINFUTS - Blown Gemini Whips it Hard at Springnats
Another one from the depths of the hard drive, Steve Nogas in his Chevy V8 powered Gemini. It's always a strong contender on the burnout pad and you've got to love those high speed whips.

SILLY Blown HQ Monaro at Brashernats 2015
Billy Seton putting on a show at Brashernats. The purple HQ sounded on song! Don't forget to subscribe to Scotty's Garage for more awesome videos.