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NAPA Clean Boost Nano-Sheen Video

Napa offers Clean Boost Nano-Sheen and other Clean Boost Products.


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James Day
James Day Denver 2010 NHRA

NAPA Auto Parts, Z-Alt Oil
Z-Alt Oil at Napa Auto Part

2010 Clean Boost Performance OIL Promo video featuring James Day
Combustion Technologies USA is a private corporation, providing specialized products and services, focused on equipment performance and maintenance solutions, coupled with measurable reductions in operating costs. As a manufacturer, our products are used in end-user markets that include trucking, construction, mining, oil & gas, marine and power generation. We also support OEM's and Private Label Licensing of our innovative technologies. Our goal is to provide clients with the latest and most advanced products and service available in the industry today, while focusing on developments and new technologies to continually improve the quality of our products and reduce pollution. Our team is committed to helping the environment, as well as saving our world-wide customer base money on maintenance needs. We are continually innovating to bring best-in-class products to our customers and make sure their needs are met. With offices in Canada, the United States and Central America, we can offer solutions to anywhere in the world. Our team is dedicated to help fleet managers tackle their most challenging lubrication and oil analysis issues. We also have experts in mining, trucking, oil & gas, chemical engineering and power generation, allowing us to offer most organizations custom-tailored solutions for extended maintenance intervals and a healthier and stronger bottom line. With maintenance costs soaring and new environmental considerations taking higher priority, Combustion Technologies is your one-stop option for clean energy solutions. Combustion Technologies provides quality products and services for customers worldwide. We fulfill the needs of our customers by creating an environment that promotes pride in workmanship, organizational efficiency, and a genuine desire to exceed customer and partner expectations.

Chris Demke Las Vegas 2010
Chris Demke, Peenrite Racing, Clean Boost NHRA Las Vegas 2010

Nano-Sheen Mirror.wmv
Cleans dried-on bugs off in seconds. Just spray, wait a few seconds, wipe and buff to a shine!

Ahten Racing Las Vegas 2010 NHRA
Johnny Ahten Las Vegas 2010, October

Nano-Sheen Lou Santiago SEMA.m4v
Lou Santiago talks about Nano-Sheen Waterless Wash & Shine from CleanBoost at SEMA 2010

Our signature product -- the best answer to fuel efficiency, save up to 30% of fuel mileage. It atomizes fuel by dispersing fuel to smaller fuel droplets and greatly Boosts combustion efficiency. It is a full cleaning and lubricating system that will ensure you a smoother and more powerful drive. Save on your maintenance and down time cost. Product being tested and proven by Dyno tests. Great results in just one application! 100% organic, totally safe and reliable, will not harm your engine.

Floating CBOA not published 8 2014
CleanBoost Oil Absorbent Floating on water with ATF added

Clean Boost Nano Sheen Demo
Waterless Wash & Shine product, cleans and protects your auto, truck and marine equipment.

Nano-Sheen Yellow GTX SEMA 2010 Mopar Alley
Nano-Sheen from CleanBoost shines up a 1971 Plymouth GTX

Auto Detailing & Maintenance : Tornador Cleaning Tool.mpg
Clean mats, carpet, hard surfaces, compartments, canvas tops, console with a fantastic cleaning tool that works with an air compressor. You will never detail a car by brush again. Improves odor in the vehicle. Cleans headliner to perfection. Clean Car Connection has been in the detailing business since 1983. We have taken auto detailing to the next level! Call us today 315.724.7892 to get more info on the Tornador Cleaning tool or go to our web and see how we use it. www.cleancarconnectioninc.com and Shop at our store!

Nano car wash
Привнесите Нано технологии в Вашу повседневную жизнь. Авто и не только будут надежно зашишены от царапин, порчи, старения, от грязных разводов после мойки. В отличии от имеющихся аналогов, испытания показали надежность в течении (от 7 - 12 месяцев до 2 лет), которых достаточно ополоснуть машину водой раз в 1-2 недели и она как новая. Телефон для справок: +371 20077009, +371 22128352 Bring Nano technologies in your everyday life. Auto and not only be reliably reserved from scratches, damage, aging, divorce, from the muddy after washing. Unlike the existing analogs, tests have shown the reliability within 7 - 12 months, during which there should be enough only water to rinse on the car 1 time in 1-2 weeks and itll look like a new car. Contact number: +371 20077009, +371 22128352

Clean Boost Fuel Tabs - Happy Engine, Happy Wallet, Happy Environment
We all love our cars, our planet and our wallets. Contribute to all three - learn more at www.CleanBoostFuelTabs.com

Boost Gas Milage | eeFuel Hawaii - Videos
http://hifuelsaver.com eeFuel is a gasoline and diesel fuel enhancer. More info can be found at www.HiFuelSaver.com Boost Gas Milage | eeFuel Hawaii - Videos eeFuel"Product Benefits is a high-tech, new generation fuel additive for gasoline, diesel, bio-fuels, ethanol and all combustible fuels, using advanced nanotechnology. This revolutionary product enhances and regulates combustion while simultaneously cleaning combustion chamber deposits. It has proven to improve fuel economy, increase power, Boost engine performance, reduce Exhaust emissions and particulate matters and protect the environment. Additional Potential Benefits • Reduces engine NOx emissions • Non-toxic, non-hazardous and nonflammable • Works well in all fuels, all climates and all seasons • Extends intervals between oil changes • Works in heating oil • Restores lost engine performance • Reduces maintenance costs • Helps to protect the environment eeFuel Boost gas mileage fuel additive

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1978 Volkswagen Golf : 8.293 @ 175.100
16Vampir, Engine: 2.0L 16V ABF, Turbos: Extreme Tuners custom Tires: 26x10-15

1991 Volkswagen Golf 19E: 8.657 @ 165.440
16Vampir, Engine: 1.8 16V, Turbos: GTX4202R Tires: 23x7.5

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury : 9.000 @ 145.000
dave kelso, Engine: muscle motors 500cu in stroker, Supercharger: n/a Turbos: n/a Tires: goodyear 16 x32

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury 2 door hard top: 9.210 @ 147.000
dave kelso, Engine: 496, Supercharger: n/a Turbos: n/a Tires: mt

1962 Plymouth Sport Fury : 9.290 @ 142.000
d.bailey, Engine: indy low block, Tires: 32x17x15

2008 Volkswagen Golf GTI: 9.737 @ 144.310
Tasos Kakaris, Tires: MH

1989 Volkswagen Golf 19E: 10.006 @ 142.410
Boba, Engine: 2.0L 16V KR, Turbos: GT4094R

1998 Volkswagen Golf 19E: 10.006 @ 142.410
Boba, Engine: 2.0L 16V ABF, Turbos: GTX42 Tires: 205/50-15

1991 Volkswagen Golf 2 GTI 19E: 10.371 @ 140.433
Boba, Engine: 1,8L 16V KR, Supercharger: Garrett GT40R Turbos: Single Turbo Tires: MT Drag

1990 Volkswagen Golf 1.8t 20v: 10.598 @ 134.570
James Hodson, Engine: 1.8t, Turbos: IHI VF34/20 Tires: M and H Racemaster slicks

1981 Volkswagen Golf 1.9 PDtdi: 10.678 @ 128.000
Fekete Tams, Engine: 1.9 PDtdi, Turbos: Gyula Tires: MH racemaster

2006 Volkswagen Golf V GTI: 10.832 @ 128.920
sotiriou konstantinos, Engine: 2.0l, Turbos: garrett gtx3076

2004 Volkswagen Golf 1.8T: 10.855 @ 126.820
Casper, Engine: Modified 1.8 T, Supercharger: gReddy Turbos: Modified Stock Turbo Tires: Toyo

1991 Volkswagen Golf 19E: 10.880 @ 132.350
Boba, Engine: 2.0L 16V KR Turbo, Turbos: GT3582R Tires: Toyo Drag Slicks

1983 Volkswagen Golf MK1 G60: 12.094 @ 115.000
Holger Wentzel, Engine: 1.8l 8V-G60, Tires: MT 22.0/8.0-13

2011 Volkswagen Golf R20: 12.253 @ 111.850
Mohamed Faiz Rassool, Engine: 2.0 FSI, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: FACTORY K04

2003 Volkswagen Golf Golf MK4 GTI 1.8T 4motion: 12.320 @ 114.000
Dorin, Engine: 1.8T AUM, Turbos: GT3071 Tires: 225/40/18 yokohama parada

1994 Buick Century T-Type: 13.120 @ 86.000
William, Engine: 3100 SFI v6, Turbos: Garett

1987 Volkswagen Golf : 13.200 @ 110.000
John, Engine: 2035 cc 16v, Tires: yoko slicks

1982 Volkswagen Golf 1.9 PDTDI: 13.610 @ 108.060
Csaba Parczai, Engine: 1900cm3 130Hp-pumpe-dse PdTdi, Turbos: KKK-BV50 Tires: 215/40R16street;185/55r15slick on track


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