95-99 Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler Neon Instrument Cluster Repair

Solder repair for 95-99 neon clusters. This fixes the jumping needles, non working needles, warning lamps that come on and off, etc. All technical info found on neons.org and 1gn.org. Music by: Shuutobi *Attempt this repair at your own risk. I assume no responsibility for any damage to your cluster, vehicle, or any bodily injury that comes from performing this repair.*

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Repair instrument cluster 1999 dodge caravan
This quick video shows you how to repair the instrument cluster of a dodge caravan. This resolves the "slap dash" repair issue. Get all your gauges working again. sponsored by msctime.com

Chrysler Minivan Gauge Cluster Fix
Man I was tired when I uploaded this video.. Even today with multi-core CPU's and modern operating systems, you still should only do one thing at a time when you do video editing. I have to re import the other 4 parts of this video. Yea, they are long. Drawn out. But Hey, At least YOU can choose the parts that you want to see. I took the time to Upload them. You guys can take the time to scan to the parts that are important. I know allot of people upload vids on YouTube with these new cams, but allot of them do not have macro function, and that's kind of important when you are making videos on how to fix a circuit board.

Plymouth Neon Instrument Cluster removal
Plymouth Neon Instrument Cluster removal

Chrysler Voyager Dash Cluster Autopsy
modern crap, not much to learn from these without a schematic :(