Hyundai Veloster Turbo has serious issues! (Korean review)

AutoView a car website has discovered some major flaws with Hyundai Veloster turbo I was seriously considering to get one but after seeing this, Hyundai still needs some improvement. Who doesn't but anyway. Take a look

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Veloster DCT Transmission Noise "Hyundai says it is NORMAL" (FIXED by ECU Update)
This happened the day after I picked up the car from the dealer (We took it because if this noise). I was told they noise they heard was NORMAL "Dual Clutch Sound". What Do you think? I Think it is NOT normal as this noise was not there 1 month AGO. Many other Veloster owners have reported this noise and have been told by Hyundai to suck it up this is NORMAL nothing we can do to help.. ****************************UDPDATE*********************** As of July of 2015 we have had no more problems with the car Since this video was made (11/2011) *************************************************************

987RPM: Hyundai Veloster Turbo
In this episode of 987RPM, you Muttons On The Move review the Hyundai Veloster turbo! Its most unique feature has to be that it is a "2+1" door car. How is it this way, you might ask? Watch the video and find out! Subscribe to 987TV for more exciting videos!

Hyundai Veloster Paddle Shifters Ride Along
I took the all new 2013 Hyundai Veloster out for a test ride today and will show you just how this sporty little coupe performs with it's DCT Dual Clutch Transmission and Paddle Shifters. Also I discuss the ride comfort and several of the technology features. This test drive was to get a feel of the Veloster size and chassis before my purchase consideration of the all new turbo Veloster.

Veloster Turbo Parking Lot Fun!
I decided to take the all new 2013 Veloster turbo out for several test runs and performance tests today and afterwards we headed over and had some fun demoing the car in a big open parking lot. This vehicle is in the Elite White paint color and looks beyond amazing in the sunlight. It is very similar to the ultra premium paint of the Genesis Sedan in Snow White Pearl. Check out the new Veloster turbo parking lot fun and check out the rest of my videos!