DRIFT BUS World Premiere!

DRIFT BUS & SUPER VAN in one Ford Transit V8 driver: Marcin Wicik (Poland) records: www.rallycross.hu

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Bus drifting
Duble decker, drivers education in Denmark(Ring Djursland DK) TJEK OUT INSIDE VIEW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRsLYNbmKxA&feature=plcp

World's fastest van? The Ford Supavan3
Back in 2006 I was fortunate enough to dig Ford's Supavan out of hibernation and drive it on an airstrip for a Max Power magazine shoot. The airstrip was active, so we had to wait for radio clearance between aircraft landings to run the old girl. The space framed scaled down Transit body was fitted with a mid-mounted supercharged V6 Cosworth engine (not F1 but totally unsilenced) and sequential gearbox. Rear wheel drive, obviously. This is what it sounds like....

DRIFT BUS na Torze "Poznań"
Driftujący Transit podczas finałowej rundy Driftingowych Mistrzostw Polski na Torze "Poznań"

Mitsubishi L300 VR4 Turbo Dragracing,Wanganui 17.4.11
My L300 van racing at the Wanganui Road Rodders 25th Anniversay Drags April 2011.