First 23 lbs boost dyno pull for GT140T 66 Mustang 2.3 SVO turbo car

First pull at 23 lbs Boost

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86 svo with volvo head
This is a short description of some of the things I used to make this work. I did this swap on a budget so I used a lot of spare parts, junk yard parts and off the shelf parts from other vehicles. You have to find what works and make it fit. If you have a basic knowledge of cars and some fabrication skills you can do this swap. I am using stock svo pistons not cut for valve reliefs, stock distributor, stock electronics. The computer does not care how many cams it only cares about incoming air, air temp, coolant temp, 02 readings, map readings and vacuum leaks. Standalone computer is nice but not a must.

Tour of GT140T - Part 1
Part 1 This car was restored completely by myself with the exception of the installation of the headliner, and the front & rear window. Well over 3,500 hours put into this car in a year and 10 months, so far.

GT140T with no distributor, running EDIS4 instead in 66 Mustang 2.3 turbocharged SVO turbo engine
Switched to EDIS4 instead of the a distributor, MSD box and coil. Best thing I have ever done. Now I can reach in the window hit the key and the car starts right up. It runs smoother then it ever has before.

Third time Dyno'ing GT140T 66 Mustang/SVO 2.3 turbo car
Working the bugs out of the FAST system before we make some pulls on the Dyno. I had a few problems the last two times, but I think I have them worked out now