1972 Ski Doo Olympique 399 for sale

This Olympique is in great shape for being 36+ years old. It runs excellent, and is a blast to ride around!!! There are many NOS parts on this sled. I replaced the windshield, black hood stripes, Exhaust grommet, secondary clutch, rear tail lens and housing, snow flap, drive belt, fuel lines, fuel filter, carb kit, flip headlight door, brand new drive cogs-bearings-and seals, new chain case oil, and various other things. This is my baby. The main seat cover has been replaced, but is good and keeps you dry. This sled has ski wideners and an unbelievably nice track, missing no clips or having any tears or rips. The bogeys are weather checked but are all there and work fine. It has a very nice muffler that I put on, that has no rust holes. Sled is located in Camden NY (UPSTATE). Any questions can be sent to... jbritto80@yahoo.com

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Ski Doo '70 Olympic Restoration
Total restoration of Sam's 1970 Olympic.

2017 Ski-Doo : The New Summit 850 E-TEC
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1972 Ski-Doo 399 Olympique
Just runnin the sled

1969 Ski Doo 399 Nordic
This 1969 Bombardier 371e Ski Doo Nordic Widetrack snowmobile underwent a recent restoration. It still is sporting its flawless vinyl seat along with functional original cigarette lighter. Updated handwarmers were incorporated into the handlebars along with the installation of NOS tachometer and speedometer. The Nordic was considered the luxury family machine in its day and still today is quite comfortable when traveling at approximately 45mph.