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1972 Ski Doo Olympique 399 for sale

This Olympique is in great shape for being 36+ years old. It runs excellent, and is a blast to ride around!!! There are many NOS parts on this sled. I replaced the windshield, black hood stripes, Exhaust grommet, secondary clutch, rear tail lens and housing, snow flap, drive belt, fuel lines, fuel filter, carb kit, flip headlight door, brand new drive cogs-bearings-and seals, new chain case oil, and various other things. This is my baby. The main seat cover has been replaced, but is good and keeps you dry. This sled has ski wideners and an unbelievably nice track, missing no clips or having any tears or rips. The bogeys are weather checked but are all there and work fine. It has a very nice muffler that I put on, that has no rust holes. Sled is located in Camden NY (UPSTATE). Any questions can be sent to... jbritto80@yahoo.com


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Antique Snowmobile Show- Chris' Picnic
photos + fottage from a snowmobile show I went to

Elan 640 Speed runs
A couple of speed runs with the Elan.. It only does about 90 km/h or 55 mph but it gets there fast ;) Sorry about the high audio volume, we apparently used some weird sound settings on the camera..

1972 Ski Doo TNT 775 Snow - Drift... :)
Optimum conditions for a little slide action on a Vintage Ski- Doo. Cleats and carbide runners work well with an ice layer covered by fresh snow... :) Took her out to 75mph after this monkey business. Of all the vehicles I have ever ridden, owned,or do own, or even just seen or heard of - this machine is my third favorite only to my 142mph 66 Fury (driven faster in the frigid novel Seven Skins) and my one of a kind 4x4 van camper van "Geode". My 57 Ply 4drhtp "Finesse" would be fourth..

1969 Ski-doo Olympique 12/3 Project
been sitting in my driveway since august. i think this will be a fun project

SKI DOO North!
http://facebook.com/MarkFreeman408 http://twitter.com/MarkFreeman408 Sledding up north!

2013 Ski-Doo Summit XM Valemount
Valemount sled trip, we rode Clemina, Allen Creek and Oasis. Beuatiful areas, can't wait to go back. Huge thanks to our guide Tony Parisi, don't hesitate to look him up if you're going to be in the Valemount area and you want to find the untouched powder. snowfarmers.com

1971 Bombardier Olympique 335
Playing around on the lake for the first time this year

2015 Summit X with T3 package
To learn more and build your Summit X with T3: http://www.ski-doo.com/showroom/summit/overview When you've reached one peak, you don't celebrate. You set out to conquer the next one. Yes, our Summit sleds are the best they've ever been. That's why we started working on ways for you to climb even higher and reach more unreachable places. The result is the Summit X with T3 package.

New England Antique Snowmobile Club on Mt. Washington
On Sunday, March 30, 2008, seven rear engine Polaris snowmobiles driven by members of the New England Antique Snowmobile Club climbed the Mt. Washington Auto Road to commemorate the first snowmobile ascent of Mt. Washington in 1963.

A Tribute to the Ski- Doo Elan
just a tribute to a fine sled

Vintage 1972 Ski Doo Nordic 640ER
A little spin on the Nordic on New Years Eve

1980 Blizzard 9500 Plus
Little tribute I put together for my Blizzard 9500 Plus. I remember these machines and the fun from that era when I was a kid, and finally found a decent one when I was older. I'm selling it, so I thought I'd put what little clips I had together for the memory. Cheers'

1974 Ski-doo Tnt Everest
My restored 1974 Ski-doo Tnt Everest 440

1968 ski doo olympic snowmobile
Just one of my brothers many old snowmobiles.

Vintage Ski Doo Fun
Traded in my 07' XRS for a 1971 Skidoo Olympique and took her for a rip up the lawn, it smokes a lot at the start cause the choke was on. It has a Cracked Exhaust on it and chrome ski's.

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