End of the Line Tour Nov. 19, 2009 -Return of the Edsels

Edsels return to the assembly line for the first time in 50 years at the Louisville Assembly Plant in Louisville KY on November 19, 2009. Part of the "End of the Line Tour" to commemorate 50 years since the Edsel was discontinued on November 19, 1959.

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FORD - 1958 EDSEL RANGER - Introduction of the Edsel - In the Ford Factory
Assorted clips featuring the 1958 Edsel with vintage television commercials, TV shows, inside the factory, etc. Includes bonus Ford Thunderbird vintage footage.

CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE AT unclerussie.tripod.com In late 1957, Edsel division of the Ford motor company hosted a huge introduction party, which unveiled the all new Edsel to the press and other Ford executives. The party included broadway-type production numbers, featuring songs, singers and dancers, extolling the virtues of this all new car. One number performed in this show was "Once in a lifetime".

Ford's St. Thomas Assembly Plant: The Last Days
Ford's St. Thomas assembly built the automaker's venerable Crown Victoria, the Mercury Grand Marquis and the Lincoln Town Car. Here is video of some of the last Crown Vics to come off the line before they shut down the plant two weeks ago

Henry Ford's assembly line turns 100
The American innovation that helped create the middle class is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Dean Reynolds went to the original Ford factory in Detroit where Henry Ford's assembly line was first used.