Biker Gang Fleeing Police In HARLEM!!!

60+ Bikers were driving down the streets (135th and Amsterdam) in New York City moments before this video. But it appears there was an accident further down the street that caused a flood of police to come. The gang split and in this video you see around half of the gang. Then randomly Mexican man walks by out of nowhere and a kid jumps out of nowhere!

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Harlemboyz get down or lay down4
Street Riding!!!

The Black Hand That Ruled Harlem Son Of Preacher (Full Documentary) (HD)
The Black Hand That Ruled Harlem! The Son Of Preacher includes a 1-on-1 interview with Shaka. This story is about one of the most notorious, feared, extortionist in Harlem who the FBI claims ran an organization called "The Black Hand Of Death" aka The Preacher Crew. In New York City, Harlem specifically, the word "Extortion" is synonymous with the Black Hand Preacher Crew. These men are reportedly responsible for over 50 murders, including the death of Richard Porter's little brother (the story told in Street Stars GAME OVER documentary DVD). According to the New York Times, "Since 1983, the gang members extorted money from drug dealers, dealt drugs and maintained the groups business by systematic violence against their enemies, the indictment said. The gang is charged with 11 murders, 11 conspiracies to commit murder and narcotics trafficking." For the first time in 12 years, the Son Of Preacher aka Shaka speaks!

Benmore AKA Benadon
Mixtape on Datpiff called Risk Takers 2 by Benadon.

Gang bust in Harlem
The NYPD carried out one of the cities largest gang take-downs ever in the Harlem section of Manhattan on Wednesday morning.