My Oldsmobile Alero 03 racing

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2000 alero fully loaded tricked out!
this is my 2000 alero, it has 2 p3 15" Rockford fosgate subs in two custom fiberglass enclosures, it has a yellow top optiima battery, a 7" Jensen touch screen, 3 million color led neon lights with 99 functions!

Custom Alero - Never Done Alero Phase One
Phase One of the Never Done Alero, we hope you enjoy! Check out our website for more information. Stay tuned for phase 2, it's gonna be GOOD!

Alero vs Neon R/T
alero 3.4 vs neon 2.0 R/T

Oldsmobile Alero - solving problems with this Super Car
Oldsmobile Alero - in Europe sold as Chevrolet Alero - solving problems to this super car.... Also suitable for Pontiac Grand AM solving problems to fresh air inlet, blower resister, BCM and more.... not only replacing but learning why blower resister goes faulty learning how to fix faulty rear window defroster display of pictures and numbers of service parts these are based on 2001 model, most of them universal 1999-2004 reset oil change light instructions for Alero 2004 reset oil Alero 1999-2003 cars: use RESET button in left fuse panel, read your manual. I was former owner of Oldsmobile cutlass Ciera Brougham and I miss it each day. The Oldsmobile Alero is a good replacement for that with exact the same drive characteristics...... Never toutch the hot airco inlet membrane with a screwdriver, because it is soft breakable rubber!! order part of a new membrane is GM #52458184 or ACD# 15-5438 Continental Licence plate bracket GM#22651141 54 cm wide. Motor cover plate for 2.3 en 2.4 liter models GM #10488727 Serpentine belt = ACDelco 5pk1212 = Bosch 1987948 Door ajar switches rear: ACD D6074 - GM #22600228 Brake hose rear AC22708930 Brake disc rear compatible with Opel Sintra Alternator/Dynamo GM#1101275 Ac-delco volume knob #09357423 Ac-delco tuning knob #9357428 Better beforehand buy a new gear stick/automatic shift control stick, because suddenly the inside of black knob breaks at older Alero's. Automatic gear shift control handle GM #22702515 Probably replacement also GM #12560301 Power Steering fluid 1 liter = GM 89021182 = specs 9985010 or 1052884 or 1050017 now GM19329448 or 10-5073 AC Delco 10-5030 1/2 liter versions = 89021184/85 / 19329450 / 10-5031 AC Delco 10-5031 mineral oil - not synthetic only red coloured no ravenol also leaky with older cars and has to be replaced if liquid drops each few days, probably happened by using wrong Power Steering Flood. power steering pressure line hose at 2.4 models: GM26072757 or AC DELCO 36-363200 by leakage use: Wynn's 1831051 Power Steering Stop Leak 125 ml IF Dome and inside mirror map lights stay on: To do stay driving with your car.....disconnect the supply wires on the back of the inside car mirror and switch the dome light off. normal this is a sign that one of the ajar switches does not work properly, but never believe that.... First to do is check your BCM on water leakage as show in the movie. If your dome goes on as you stop, the same issue. Solve the problem, because water in your BCM makes your car completely unreliable. Factory reset of the BCM happens if you leave the - pole car battery more than 12 houres disconnected. international backcall : Safety part to change the ignition keys for safety by General Motors: GM#23279477 - also for some Cadillac models If you stop the movie at 9.53 you see the underhood fusesbox. If you look carefully you see in the middle right the black rectifier diode with a diode sign on it. This diode is switched parallel with your AC compressor motor, so if you have electric shorting in your Air conditioner and the AC fuse blows 90% shure this rectifier is faulty. It costs only about 3 $. Replace it and everything is back to the old again! ( GM part number # 12135037) Very special.....Website with available AC-Delco Rectifiers diodes all kinds: hevrolet After replacing your remotecontrol battery, synchronice your car again by keeping the lock en unlock knobs pushed for at least 7 seconds. After that the doors should click and you have to manualy open all doors once If your remote control does not work properly with a new battery, open the RC carefully and take the printed circuit board out. You will see on the back all black carbon from the pushbuttons which you have to remove with alcohol. Also clean the other part arond the buttons. Do not clean the button surfaces itself. Be carefull that you batterijcel does not touch anything. Cleaning the original aluminium rims: Never use rim cleaner on mounted wheels because you damage your brakes completely Use Dasty & warm water solution with a spiral scourer and everything gets OK immideately. Movie about solving water problem Movie about removing rear bumber Movie about installing parking sensors Movie about service engine soon code P0440: New movie / Extended solving problems with this super car if you have any questions ....send email....