turbo 5.3 240sx SpeedZone

stock 5.3 lm7 cam and a borg warner s480 th400 trans in house turbo kit and mounts 7.7 @ 105 6 lbs of Boost 2.2 60ft no brake or n20 yet.

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Jimi's GTR vs 5.3/S480 Swapped 240sx
Bolt On Gtr On Pumpgas vs 5.3/S480 Swapped 240sx

Big 3 Racing stock 5.3 Turbo Fox Body Mustang Blows up and Explodes at track!!
Stock bottom end 5.3, Tooley Stage 3 turbo cam, stock 799 heads, 21 psi, 7k rpm, stock style BBK suspension, turbo 400 trans, 700+ wheel hp. Car previously ran a best of 9.31 at 148. www.big3racing.net

Painting haggard 240sx | My new dirtbike| Bye Bye Evo...
This past week I got the 240sx painted, bought a much needed dirt bike and lost the Evo? http://www.motionautotv.com/ Snapchat : motionautotv Instagram: @motionautotv Facebook Pages - Motionautotv - https://www.facebook.com/MotionAutoTv Facebook Group - Motionautotv Project City - https://www.facebook.com/groups/389854124526771/

683whp pull
L33 5.3L 75mm turbo Nissan 240sx on Dyno dynamics. Spinning on the Dyno