turbo 5.3 240sx SpeedZone

stock 5.3 lm7 cam and a borg warner s480 th400 trans in house turbo kit and mounts 7.7 @ 105 6 lbs of Boost 2.2 60ft no brake or n20 yet.

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Jimi's GTR vs 5.3/S480 Swapped 240sx
Bolt On Gtr On Pumpgas vs 5.3/S480 Swapped 240sx

Spalt takes the Fairmont Challenge....5.3 Turbo LSx Fairmont Ride Along
Took my friend Mike Spalt out for a ride today. Mike has been in most of my cars, way back to the wagon when I first got it in 2000. I think he had a good time here. I decided to leave the mic under the hood and capture the engine sound, I think the facial expressions speak for themselves. This is about 14.8 psi on WG spring. Spun quite a bit today, must still have too much air in the Mickeys.

Day in Mexico 5.3 turbo s14 nissan 240
nissan 240 lsx flames 5.3 turbo eastcoast mexico

Mikey 5.3/th400/70mm
Mikey's 5.3, th400, 70mm combo just finished. street tuned on 6lbs at the moment. full Exhaust out the back with a recirculated wastegate