my late 1968 mustang restoration gone BAD.

This Kenneth M.Blake was paid to take the car apart and put it back together with a paint job, i replaced the engine, but after 8 yrs of putting the work off, it wound up in the court system, he was sued,i lost a total of 25,000 dollars, I could only sue for 14,000 dollar and keep it in civil court. DOWNTOWN CLASSIC Mustang. GOOGLE it.the car was put in his shop in 10-1996, court in 2004.still no satisfaction!

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1968 Mustang restoration
1968 Mustang Restoration

Here's An Insane Ford Mustang Police Chase With A Hilarious News Commentary - SHORTCUT
On April 7th, 2016, two idiots in Los Angeles stole a convertible Ford Mustang and led the cops on a chase that lasted over an hour. However, the only thing more insane than the chase was the hilarious live news commentary. I can't even right now, you guys. Original video: Subscribe to Fox 10 Phoenix: Follow Kinsey Schofield: Follow Kari Lake: SHORTCUT is a series of short videos that don't fit anywhere else on the channel.

HOW THEIR SCAM WORKS! John Schmutzer (sales director) is really the master mind here. He fishes for the victims on Ebay, and other Sites. Richard Cosentino (illiterate) is thesupposed master mechanic with 20 years experience. Although Richard has a shop in Mesa, AZ this means nothing, it is only a facade.He has half-built cars and motorcycle frames just sitting around to appease the public and fool the police. Because Richard Cosentino has been banned from ebay, now his partner John Schmutzer (E-bay usernames Schmutzer45, mcccars09, lambo50) is using his 100% feedback on ebay to lure more victims. Then Schmutzer hands over the buyer to Richard Cosentino, who supposedly will build you a car or chopper, but THEY WILL They use the same pictures over and over and never build anything! These two con artists then split the funds they receive from their victims. They convinced all of us to go around ebay so as to avoid the ebay fees in order to give us a better deal. Notice how they write "strongly recommend that you call". If you are considering giving away your hard earned money for a car, contact Jim (Lost $37,500) or Judd (Lost $21,300) or Doron (Lost $33,900) with any questions.Don't be fooled! We don't want anyone else to suffer the way we have. Please Consider yourselves warned! This is not a joke and thus the reason why we have no problem listing our contact information for you to verify things!!!

Mustang Shop: Coupe to Fastback -
Please LIKE my Facebook, if my videos are useful to you: Question: Can you put a Fastback roof on a hardtop Coupe? Mustang Restorations Inc. the countrys oldest and largest restorer of the Classic Ford, answers the question everyone has been asking. Meet pitchman Doctor Chris. For more go to