my late 1968 mustang restoration gone BAD.

This Kenneth M.Blake was paid to take the car apart and put it back together with a paint job, i replaced the engine, but after 8 yrs of putting the work off, it wound up in the court system, he was sued,i lost a total of 25,000 dollars, I could only sue for 14,000 dollar and keep it in civil court. DOWNTOWN CLASSIC Mustang. GOOGLE it.the car was put in his shop in 10-1996, court in 2004.still no satisfaction!

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Fixing up a 1968 Mustang Coupe, Engine through body and interior.... This is part 13 in the series!

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This video shows you the importance of a pre-purchase inspection of any classic or restored car. See how it is done right at: In this example a piece of sheet-metal had been installed under the car to cover up the damage that had been there already. This car was unrestorable!!! Metal Plate comes off: 5:34

1968 mustang restoration part 1: interior
a few pics of my car with the restoration in progress

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