Remote Starter Installation Video By Bulldog Security

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How To Install A Remote Car Starter
Installing a Bulldog remote starter from Autozone in my wife's 2007 Ford Freestyle. It is supposed to have an "up to" 400' range. It's heavy on the "up to" and light on the "400' "

Easy Remote Start Installation
How to install a remote car start from . Easy, fast installation!

8 Best Remote Start Systems 2016
CLICK FOR WIKI ►► Remote Start Systems Reviewed In This Wiki: Compustar CS800-S Avital 4103LX Crimestopper SP-402 Audiovox APS997C Viper 5706V Direct Electronics Python 5303P Crimestopper RS4-G5 Viper 5906V

Lancer Fix 35 | Remote Start + Alarm SP-502 [English]
Full installation on a 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer . For Manual Transmission: 1. You have to always put it on neutral when parking, and pull up the hand-brake. 2. Connect the hand-brake wire. 3. Program option 15 Transmission Type to "Manual Transmission set with Remote Control." For 2005 Lancer with keysense Car Key Sense Wire (-): Blue (Rests at ground open when key is in, use relay to open.) Car Key Sense Wire Location: Ignition Switch Harness The BLUE/BLACK: (-) 500mA Ground When Running from SP502 can be connected to a relay to bypass the keysense. Here is how to connect the relay at page 54 (86 to remote ground out when running, 85&87 to 12v, 30 to key sense) : SP-402 & SP-502 Alarm Combo System INSTALLATION HANDBOOK & OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ------------------2002 LANCER WIRING DIAGRAM------------------ 12 V (+)______________________________WHITE STEERING COLUMN STARTER 1 (+)________________________BLACK/YELLOW STEERING COLUMN IGNITION 1 (+)________________________BLACK/WHITE STEERING COLUMN ACCESSORY 1 (+)_____________________BLUE/BLACK STEERING COLUMN HORN (-) YELLOW____________________STEERING COLUMN POWER LOCK (-) YELLOW______________DRIVER’S KICK POWER UNLOCK (-) LIGHT GREEN______DRIVER’S KICK PARKING LIGHTS (+) GREEN/WHITE____WHITE PLUG, FUSEBOX DOOR TRIGGER (-) WHITE______________WHITE PLUG, FUSEBOX DOMELIGHT___________________________USE DOOR TRIGGER TRUNK TRIGGER (-) GREEN/ORANGE___AT LIGHT IN TRUNK BRAKE (+) GREEN_____________________BRAKE PEDAL PLUG TACH BLACK/YELLOW________________COIL PACK ***LANCER 2003-2007 HAVE (-) BLUE/RED HORN WIRE ***LANCER EVOLUTION 8, 9 HAVE (-) RED HORN WIRE ------------------------------ This is a dark gray 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer LS 2.0L 4G94 SOHC AUTO FWD. I'm cleaning it up from the bottom, hoping to make it look nice and in a good condition. ------------------------------ Crimestopper SP-502 eBay Amazon Electric Trunk Release Kit eBay Amazon 12V 40A 4P Relays eBay Amazon Soldering Iron 60W eBay Amazon Soldering Wire 60/40 eBay Amazon Capri Tools 20012 Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper eBay Amazon Titan 11477 Ratcheting Wire Terminal Crimper eBay Amazon 60 Pieces T-Tap Connectors Combo Set eBay 300 Pieces T-Tap Connectors Combo Set eBay 600 Pieces T-Tap Connectors Combo Set eBay 100 Pieces Quick Splice Connectors Combo Set eBay 250 Pieces Quick Splice Connectors Combo Set eBay URBEST®180 pcs Heat Shrink Wire Wrap Cable Sleeve Tubing Sets Assorted Size eBay Amazon ------------------------------ Mods on this car: $101 JVC KD-R850BT Stereo System $200 EVO 7,8,9 MOMO Steering $30 106S (14mm-1.5) Fumoto Oil Drain Valve with Short Nipple Joint $105 Crimestopper SP-502 2-way Paging Remote Start Keyless Entry Car Alarm Vehicle Security System $17 Omega TR-2 Electric Trunk Release Kit ------------------------------ Song(s) from YouTube Audio Library ------------------------------ Camera: SONY FDR-AX100 eBay Amazon ------------------------------ DKDGWi Facebook Page: DKDGWi Store: DKDGWi Thingiverse: DKDGWi Patreon: Mackey Facebook Page: Mackey Twitter: ------------------------------ Video By: Krissana Mingkwan Mackey - กฤษณะ มิ่งขวัญ แม็กกี้ Thaweesak Mingkwan Manny - ทวีศักดิ์ มิ่งขวัญ แมนนี่