1972 Nova SS, 454 LS7, burnout

72 Nova SS with 454 LS7 crate motor. the LS7 was the 454 version of the 585 HP L88 (427), this one had hooker headers, tunnel ram, Crane fireball solid lifter cam and lots more.

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72 nova vs. mustang
72 nova vs. Mustang

1971 Nova SS 454
It just a 1971 Nova SS 454

1974 LS7 454 dyno run
This is a vid of the engine for my 1965 Acadian altered wheel base gasser car. We did 18 pulls that day and this is one I recorded. We got a best run of 660HP at 6800rpm and a torque peak of 570 ft/lbs later on in the day. This is not a stroker its 454 CID. It has the factory forged LS7 cross drilled crank, L88 forged rods with floating pins and forged 12.5:1 forged pistons. The heads are Dart as well as the intake topped with a Holley 850 carb. The valve train has Harland Sharp roller rockers with stud girdles. The cam is a custom CROWER billet core solid roller, with 294 duration at 050 and 813 lift with 1.7 rockers. To see a BBC rev to 7000 was pretty cool. This car is gonna be fast! Enjoy!

Murder Nova first start-up, first drive, first street pass with wheelie!
Murder Nova firsts with twin turbo