The Second Night of Stock Car Racing Run #1 : Chet's Rental Chevy HHR vs. The Hanks' 06 Ford Focus

I had to redeem myself from the previous night's runs with the Suzuki, so we brought out the big guns.

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The Second Night of Stock Car Racing Run #2 : Nick's Mom's Crown Vic vs. The Hanks' 06 Ford Focus
At least we knew a Ford would win.

STEP by STEP: Chevy HHR & Cobalt front brakes & rotors
Replacing the front brake pads and rotors. This video should apply to mosts Chevy HHR and Cobalt vehicles but the concept is similar among most vehicles. Due to shaking issues that I believe are the brake rotors loading up with pad material I have decided to switch to ceramic pads. I am using Autozone Duralast Gold C-Max pads which include a hardware kit, backing on the pads, and caliper pin grease packet. The tools needed are pretty simple... - Breaker bar (a large ratchet might work instead) - 14 mm socket - 15 mm socket - 19 mm socket (for the lug nuts) Optional, but helpful... - Flat head screwdriver - Hammer - 15 mm wrench - 14 mm wrench - Torque wrench (to tighten to bolts to manufacturer specifications) I'm using only basic hand tools and the jack that came with the car for reasons of demonstration. This is not a difficult task to perform. I am not a professional mechanic, just a guy who works on his own cars at home. The procedures shown in this video may not be correct or safe, always consult a professional and follow manufacturers guidelines and specifications. Use common sense, only you are responsible for your own safety. Basic Steps: 1. Raise and secure vehicle, remove wheel. 2. Remove the two 14mm caliper bolts, Remove caliper 3. Remove two 15mm caliper bracket bolts, remove bracket 4. Remove rotor, install new rotor 5. Reinstall caliper bracket & two 15mm bolts 6. Install new brake pads 7. Compress piston, reinstall caliper & two 14mm bolts 8. Reinstall wheel, pump brake pedal to seat piston

Chevrolet HHR Turn Signal (won't cancel) Lever Fix
My turn signal in my 2007 HHR quit cancelling, I would finish my turn and the signal would keep going. This video shows how to remove the turn signal lever, fix the cancel function, then re-install the lever on a Chevrolet HHR. This cancel function fix will also work on other GM models with the same turn signal lever. (Chev Cobalt, Equinox; Pontiac Pursuit, Torrent, G5; Saturn Sky; Suzuki XL-7). The instruction for fixing the cancel function of the Turn Signal starts at about 3:50 in the video. It is hard to see (I am going to reshoot), but I turn one of the springs. The theory is that the spring, over time, gets bent the wrong way, and turning it around fixes the cancel problem.

99 Accord v 09 Chevy HHR SS
My accord getting walked on!! Lol